20 First-date Ideas to Try in San Antonio that are Actually Fun 

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Meeting someone new is hard, but dating doesn't have to be. Skip the who "dinner and movie" overplayed act and get a little more creative on your first date. Here's 20 date ideas that are sure to be a good time.
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Get out of this world with Scobee Planetarium
For an experience that is out of this world, check out Scobee Planetarium where you’ll be blown away with everything you need to know about our galaxy. Be sure to get your seat in the planetarium’s theater ahead of time and sit back for a wild ride.
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Picnic at Hays Street Bridge
Picnics: classic, free and always fun. Pack a sack of goodies and head up to the top of Hays Street Bridge with your date for a great view and romantic, yet casual, evening. Watch the sun go down, check out the city’s lights and take in the fresh air from up there.
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Grab dinner at BYOB restaurant
Drinks can easily be the most expensive part of a date, so why not go to a restaurant were you can bring your own? We’ve even put together this handy list of 15 places in San Antonio where you can BYOB to help you pick the perfect place.
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Bike the Mission Reach
Movies and dinner not your thing? Get outdoors and get active with a bike ride down the Mission Reach. Bike the whole route or go for a short ride and spot beautiful art pieces along the way. If you’re not feeling it with your date, biking is an easy way to keep the conversation minimal, or maybe you’ll want to pull over on your ride for a quick makeout session. Either way, we’re sure you’ll enjoy the ride.
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Mix yoga and beer with Mobile Om
Beer and yoga: an unlikely combination or match made in heaven? Get a little creative on your first date with a yoga session followed by a few brews to help you unwind fully. New to yoga? Don’t let that stop you. Get out of your comfort zone with you date and laugh about how you totally messed up that Kala Bhairavasana pose.
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Hop on a tour and play tourist for the day
Take a beer tour, museum tour, city tour, barge tour, kayaking tour, bike tour, food tour, ghost tour — the options are endless. You’ll learn a little bit along the way and have a great time with your date.
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Take in the Fresh Air at the Botanical Garden
When it’s not unbearable hot outside, talk a stroll around the San Antonio Botanical Garden, 555 Funston Place, and try to recognize both native and non-native plants along the way. Stop and smell the flowers and enjoy your dreamy date out in the gardens.
Photo via Instagram, kimbra.splice
See what’s happening at Brick at Blue Star
With milkshake pop-ups, arts markets, concerts and exhibits, there’s no telling what you’ll run into at Brick, but one thing’s for sure: You’ll always have a good time. Check out what’s coming up on Brick’s calendar, grab a drink at the bar, and see what fellow San Antonians are up to when you visit the space made for all-things creative.
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Satisfy your sweet tooth at a local bakery
Sweeten things up with a cookie or cupcake from San Antonio’s best bakeries. If your date doesn’t share, take it as a sign that they’re not the one.
Photo via Instagram, laurenbleser
Get to know each other over coffee
Believe it or not, people still get coffee as a way to talk and get to know one another. Never outdated and always a classic option, check out any of these local coffee shops and sit and talk over a cup of jo.
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Battle it out at an arcade
Just try not to get too competitive, ok? If you and your date are both the gamer-type, you’ll have plenty of fun killing zombies, crushing each other at pinball or showing off your best dance moves on DDR. Check out Diversions Game Room, Aztec Arcade or the Main Event for a promising event.
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Catch a Spurs, Missions or San Antonio FC Game
Not sure what you guys will have in common before the date? Get tickets for a Spurs, Missions or FC Game and instantly bond over your hate for the opposing team.
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Enjoy Sunday Funday with a bloody mary — or two
You don’t have to go out the night before in order to have good time on Sunday morning. Pick a brunch spot (here’s a list of our favorites order up some mimosas and bloody mary’s and avoid any bad decisions you could have made the night before.
Photo via Instagram, sip_sa
Get crafty with a local beer tasting
You don’t have to be a beer expert to enjoy this one. Visit a local brewery or taproom and sip on brews and enjoy the company. It’ll be a great way to break the ice and get the conversations flowing. Check out Alamo Beer, Ranger Creek, Freetail Brewing, Weathered Souls one of the several other breweries in town.
Photo via Instagram, jebusbus
Hit up a food truck park Picking out a restaurant for a first date has its challenges. What if your date hates it? What if they stick to a strict diet? What if they hate carbs? To make it easy on yourself, plan to head to a food truck park like The Rose Bush, The Point Park and East, the Block SA or Alamo Street Eat Bar and avoid any awkward tension when it comes to picking out what “looks good” on the menu.
Photo via Instagram, crazycarls_sa
Browse for records
You can learn everything you need to know about a person based on their music taste. Check out Alamo Records, Hogwild Records, Southtown Vinyl, Friends of Sound or one of the several other stores in town. Warning: a date to a record shop could make or break your new relationship.
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Catch a show on the Strip
First dates are a time for exploration, so grab a couple beers, head to the strip and check out a band with your date. See what’s happening at Paper Tiger, Jandro’s Limelight, Squeezebox or any of the other bars on St. Mary’s — most have live music on the weekends and are great spots for easy icebreakers.
Photo by Jaime Monzon
Check out an exhibit at a local gallery
You don’t have to be an art enthusiast to impress your date with a gallery or museum visit. Don’t know much about finding art in San Antonio? Check out our list of essential galleries that you and your date will have fun exploring. Why not make a full day of it and check off a few from the list?
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Get out of this world with Scobee Planetarium
For an experience that is out of this world, check out Scobee Planetarium where you’ll be blown away with everything you need to know about our galaxy. Be sure to get your seat in the planetarium’s theater ahead of time and sit back for a wild ride.
Photo via Instagram, sanantoniocollege