20 fun things to do in San Antonio that don't involve drinking alcohol 

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For many, it took serious liquid therapy to ride out the catastrophic year that was 2020.

Now, with a new year dawning, some of us are looking to throttle back our alcohol consumption, whether it be by participating in Dry January, limiting our intake or swearing off booze for good.

Here's a list of 20 ways to have socially distanced fun in San Antonio that doesn't involve opening a bottle or can. 
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Catch a Movie at the Drive-In
Between New Braunfels' Stars & Stripes Drive-In and Mission Outdoor Theater, it's easier than ever to enjoy a nice day at the drive-in. Both theaters have plenty of fun movies on the schedule, from classic flicks to new releases.
Photo courtesy of Stars and Stripes Drive-In Theatre
Get crafty with DIY projects
Remember that craft project you bought supplies for a few years back and never completed? Or that hobby — knitting, pottery-making, what have you — that you put down a while ago and never picked back up? Dig out the kit and caboodle and get to making. By the end, you might have something you'll be proud to show off!
Photo via Instagram, flyntclay
Get out and get active
Why not work out some of that cabin fever with an outdoor workout? You can run, bike or walk on San Antonio's parks myriad trails and greenways to get your heart pumping in the great outdoors.
Photo via Instagram / ryanibarra24
Have a family board game night
We've been holed up with our housemates for a while now — and it doesn't look to be changing anytime soon. Whether you live with roomies or your kiddos, a board game night can help spice things up. With plenty of classiccs to choose from, you can do anything from simple tower-building in Jenga to enacting capitalistic greed in microcosm in Monopoly.
Photo via Unsplash / Pedro Santos on Unsplash
Take a driving tour of San Antonio murals
San Antonio's in the midst of a mural boom. These free public displays combine elements of street and fine art in innovative ways. The North St. Mary's Strip is a great place to take in some eye candy. Start at its intersection with U.S. Highway 281 and wend your way downtown to take in the colorful visuals.
Photo by Jaime Monzon
Get a fancy meal to-go
Pack up your chef's hat and indulge in an evening of top-tier cuisine at home. Whether you want to enjoy a longtime fav or try out something new on the scene, chances are they offer convenient curbside and take-out options.
Photo courtesy of Clementine
Take a Hike
San Antonio's city parks offer plenty of trails to explore, but if you feel like getting a little further out, vIsit the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department's website. Plenty of amazing natural sites are a relatively quick drive from SA.
Photo via Instagram / lostmaples
Backstab your friends in a game of Among Us
To the surprise of everyone including its small indie developer team, multiplayer video game Among Us leapt to massive viral popularity in 2020. The addictive, beginner-friendly game lets you don a spacesuit and backstab your friends — literally — as they try tp complete tasks keeping the spaceship in working order.
Photo via YouTube / Innersloth
Bryan Rindfuss
Cultivate a green thumb
Never been a plant parent? Well, there's no time like the present! It's never been easieer to work on your green thumb, with shops like Suck It Up SA (pictured) and Tillage Plants selling lovely succulents and other houseplants as well as large nurseries like Rainbow Gardens and Milbeerger's, which stock just about everything but the kitchen sink. Heck, you can even impulse buy a plant (or two, or seven...) at H-E-B!
Photo by Bryan Rindfusss
Sate your cravings with delicious spirit-free drinks
It's easier than ever to make tasty non-alcoholic drinks. The Modernist's David Naylor says you can stock up on supplies at Central Market, like Lyre's n/a apertif, which tastes like vermouth and can be used in a faux martini. Naylor makes an alcohol-free lavender lemon cocktail using They Dhos, "a nice menthol-y spiced 'gin'" with lavender syrup, fresh lemon and a dash of lavender bitters. Top off the drink with sparkling FRE from Sutter Home.
Photo courtesy of The Modernist
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Host a Zoom party
Missing out on social interaction? Send out a Zoom link to your friends and shoot the shit on video chat using 2020's favorite app.
Photo via Unsplash / Compare Fibre
Explore a city park outside of your neighborhood
There's more to San Antonio's public green spaces than Phil Hardberger and Brackenridge Parks. Get outside of your neighborhood and lose yourself in one of the city parks you haven't yet explored. Cathedral Rock Park, Walker Ranch Historic Landmark Park and Bamberger Nature Park are good starting points — or visit SA's Parks and Recreation website and dig even deeper.
Photo via Instagram / nic_is_nicole
Access the San Antonio Public Library's online collection
A motherlode of free reading is available via the SAPL's OverDrive collection, which mobile users can access through the Libby app, an award-winning, one-tap digital reading tool used by thousands of public libraries.
Photo by Siggi Ragnar
Stream the latest hit films and TV
Most film studios have gotten with the 2020 program and released their new movies on streaming platforms — including Pixar, whose latest film Soul is now streaming on Disney+. Fun fact: it was co-scripted by San Antonio native Mike Jones!
Photo by Pixar Animation Studios
Snack on treats from local bakeries
You deserve to snack on conchas, empanadas, ice cream and cookies to your heart's content. Luckily San Antonio is a great place to be if you have a sweet tooth. You can find everything you want and more at panaderias like La Panaderia, ice cream shops like Lick and bakeries like Bakery Lorraine.
Photo via Instagram / lapanaderia
Visit the San Antonio Botanical Garden
The Botanical Garden is an amazing local resource, even for those who aren't into gardening at home. The garden lets visitors experience outdoor spaces of a variety of locales, from an authentic Japanese garden to a pond replicating East Texas' Pineywoods.
Photo via Instagram / tommy_las_vegas
Cook a meal with ingredients from a local farmer's market
While the weekend farmer's market at the Pearl is San Antonio's highest profile farmer's market. It's far from the only one. Feel good about eating healthy as you cook up fresh ingredients grown close to home — and know you supported a local farmer or food producer in the process.
Photo via Instagram / historicpearl
Dance it out to a new record
There's nothing more cathartic than a dance party to bangin' new tunes. Don't know where to start? Check out our roundup of 2020's must-listen albums from San Antonio and beyond. Photo courtesy of The Krayolas
Get your game on
Whether or not you gotten your hands on a next-gen console, video games are eassily within your grasp. From fast-moving action in Fornite to relaxing island hangs in Animal Crossing, there's something for everyone, even for those without fancy gaming kit — with popular entries like Pokémon Go and Genshin Impact, mobile gamers aren't just relegated to Candy Crush nowadays.
Photo via Unsplash / Bartek Mazurek
Catch a sunset at one of SA's parks
Pack a picnic and a blanket and head to one of SA's countless parks. Make sure to go right before sunset so that you'll have time to set up shop before the sun goes down. You'll love checking out the beautiful scenery.
Photo via Instagram, valsk82002
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Catch a Movie at the Drive-In
Between New Braunfels' Stars & Stripes Drive-In and Mission Outdoor Theater, it's easier than ever to enjoy a nice day at the drive-in. Both theaters have plenty of fun movies on the schedule, from classic flicks to new releases.
Photo courtesy of Stars and Stripes Drive-In Theatre

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