20 hidden gem parks in San Antonio you should visit 

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While everyone knows popular spots like San Pedro Springs Park, Phil Hardberger Park and Brackenridge Park, there are quite a few public spaces where you can get some fresh air without traveling far. Whether you're looking for new spot to get moving or just want to appreciate some of the natural beauty, here are 20 public parks you may not yet know, but should.
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Southside Lions Park
3100 Hiawatha, (210) 532-2027, sanantonio.gov
Anyone hanging out on the South Side will want to hit up Lions Park at some point. Take a walk around and enjoy the scenery, post up on a picnic table, take in the calmness of the waters, or get active in any of the sports areas. You’ll truly feel like you’ve stretched your legs when you spend some time here.
Photo via Instagram / magicmaustin
Cathedral Rock Park
8002 Grissom Road, (210) 207-7275, sanantonio.gov
Looking for a spot that gives serious nature vibes, but you don’t have to go far to get them? You’ll appreciate Cathedral Rock. Here you’ll be able to enjoy trails — whether you choose to bike or walk them — as well as big grassy areas and picnic tables too if you’re looking to sit back for a bit. There’s also playgrounds so the kids can run around.
Photo via Instagram / nic_is_nicole
Converse City Park
307 School St, Converse, (210) 658-1965, conversetx.net
If you live out in the Northeast part of San Antonio, you won’t have to go too far to hit up Converse’s park. The open green space features paths for walking and cycling, a playground, ball fields, a pond and lots of barbecue grills for your next cookout.
Photo via Instagram / wannabe_subi
Pearsall Park
4838 Old Pearsall Road, (210) 207-7275, sanantonio.gov
Though one of the more popular parks on this list, Pearsall Park still does not get the credit it deserves compared to more-frequented green spaces in the city. In the southern sector of the city, this park is all about wide open spaces and getting active. There’s a playground, skate park, splash pads and even an outdoor gym — and a 18-hole golf course. Yep, you can get moving here.
Photo via Instagram / zlara_photography
Walker Ranch Historic Landmark Park
12603 West Ave, (210) 207-3000, sanantonio.gov
Up in north San Antonio, you may stumble upon this grassy, tree-filled park that will have you feeling like you’re actually miles away from city limits. This hidden park, that’s actually jam-packed with lots of history, has all that you need to get some fresh air, like walking trails and areas to feast on a picnic.
Photo via Instagram / corby1384
Millers Pond Park
6175 Old Pearsall Road, (210) 623-2900, sanantonio.gov
As the spot where the O.G. Shea Serrano spent time balling up as a kid, Millers Pond Park should honestly be considered a national landmark. Even if that doesn’t happen, you should definitely head to this intimate, 42-acre park to take advantage of the fishing pond, basketball court, football field and picnic areas.
Photo via Instagram / dradrianad4
Crownridge Canyon Park
7222 Luskey Blvd, (210) 207-5320, sanantonio.gov
If tranquil parks are your thing, you’ll be living your best life at Crownridge Canyon. This open space features paved and natural walking trails, but also desert-like scenery if you can believe it. Come and experience this wonder for yourself.
Photo via Instagram / matthewlikesart
Medina River Natural Area
15890 TX-16, (210) 207-7275, sanantonio.gov
Located in the southern portion of the city, this sprawling park makes for an inviting space with lots to do. From hiking and biking trails to lots of terrain and wildlife to explore, you’ll be tempted to make your way to every inch of this 511-acre oasis. There’s even a camping area that you can get familiar with, you just need a reservation.
Photo via Instagram / bikeworldsatx
Bamberger Nature Park
12401 Babcock Road, (210) 207-7275, sanantonio.gov
If you’re seeking a park that feels all natural, you’ll be happy heading to Bamberger Nature Park. This hidden gem of a park is filled with trees, letting you feel like you’re in a legitimate state park (though it is a city park). There’s even trails to walk or bike, so get that heart pumping and endorphins going.
Photo via Instagram / ceegraphs
Mud Creek Park
16875 Jones Maltsberger Road, (201) 207-7275, sanantonio.gov
Though not the biggest park in the city, Mud Creek Park comes through with 1.4 miles of natural terrain perfect for hiking. This dedicated trail makes for a solid choice the next time you want a challenge to stretch your legs without making a day trip out of the ordeal.
Photo via Instagram / akjazzyj
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Concepcion Park
500 Theo Pkwy, (210) 207-8480, sanantonio.gov
Located on the South Side, this 21-acre park is seriously an oasis among the bustling city life. Among the sprawling space you’ll find a playground, lots of sports courts and a swimming pool, meaning there’s plenty to do here. No matter what you get into, you can be sure that this space will make for a refreshing day out of the house, and without going too far.
Photo via Instagram / mikaziljanessa
Friesenhahn Park
15701 O'Connor Road, (210) 207-7275, sanantonio.gov
Though you may want to have your next family party underneath the pavilion here, you can stroll into Friesenhahn Park any old day to hit up the concrete trails here. Go on and get moving, y’all.
Photo via Instagram / bory____
Tom Slick Park
7400 Texas 151 Access Road, (210) 207-7275, sanantonio.gov
Right off the highway you’ll find this park that will definitely cure your antojo for some fresh air, if you can believe it. Don’t let the location fool you, this park offers some space to play basketball, football or soccer, as well as the green space to simply just walk around. There’s even a dedicated area just for dogs!
Photo via Instagram / courtneycapture
Oakwell Trailhead Park
150 Ira Lee Road, (210) 207-7275, sanantonio.gov
Here you’ll find the trailhead for a 2.1-mile greenway path for hiking and biking. How cool is that? If you live in the neighborhood, you’ll likely be thankful that such a serene spot, which is technically part of the larger Tobin Park, exists so close to home.
Photo via Instagram / stebanino
Rodriguez Park
6098 Jerome Road, (210) 335-7275, bexar.org
If you’re simply looking for an outdoor space to set up with a picnic, you’ll be smart to head to Rodriguez Park. This cozy city park also has a ball field, playground and trails, but you’ll want to use one of the barbecue grills to cook up something delicious for your next Sunday Funday.
Photo via Instagram / notryan10
Nani Falcone Community Park
8716 Mystic Park, (210) 207-7275, sanantonio.gov
While not the most spacious, this community park is a small, but isolated oasis that will let you kick back in nature without going far. In addition to a mile-long walking trail, the park also features playgrounds and a disc-golf course so kids of all ages can have some fun and get active.
Photo via Instagram / curvychicandconfident
Martin Luther King Park
3503 Martin Luther King Dr, (210) 207-7275, sanantonio.gov
If the only time you’ve hit up the city park is when taking part in the MLK Jr. March in January, consider paying this East Side park a visit any other time of the year. The park is decently-sized, bringing residents a seasonal outdoor pool, sports facilities, picnic areas as well as lots of room to run around.
Photo via Instagram / everlastingbliss__
Culebra Creek Park
10919 Westwood Loop, (210) 207-7275, sanantonio.gov
Just outside Loop 1604 and Culebra Road, you’ll be able to run around this spacious park. Mostly flat, the park features areas to take part in sports with the family, as well as walking trails and wooded areas for you to indulge in some much-needed time in nature.
Photo via Instagram / catguedea
Raymond Rimkus Park
6440 Evers Road, Leon Valley, (210) 684-1391, leonvalleytexas.gov
Though technically located in Leon Valley, Rimkus Park should still be considered a dependable go-to for spending some time outdoors. The 22-acre park includes numerous areas for sports, a playground, walking tracks and places to enjoy a picnic. The park is also home to plenty of events and is across the street from the small town’s library, so you’ll be able to take in all that Leon Valley has to offer (besides red light traffic tickets).
Photo via Instagram / lifeasdime
Cuellar Park
5626 San Fernando St, (210) 207-7275, sanantonio.gov
Venture out to this 27-acre park and you’ll be able to explore the swimming pool, ball fields, tennis courts, play areas and fitness stations here. There’s seriously so much jam-packed here that you’ll likely be a regular here in no time for whenever you want to get some fresh air and stretch your legs.
Photo via Instagram / edward_the_trainer
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3100 Hiawatha, (210) 532-2027, sanantonio.gov
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Photo via Instagram / magicmaustin

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