20 Marvel Comics Heroes And Villains With Texas Ties 

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Scarlet Spider

Real Name: Kaine Parker
Texas Ties: Also known as Tarantula, Araña Escarlata, Kaine was the first clone of Peter Parker. He operated as Houston's version of Spider-Man for a time. [Source]


Real Name: María Aracely Penalba
Texas Ties: Aracely was a human trafficking victim who was rescued by, then became an ally of the Scarlet Spider of Houston. She's also Hummingbird, the reincarnation of Huitzilopochtli, the Aztec god of war. [Source]


Real Name: Unknown
Texas Ties: Salamander is pyrokinetic and creates serpents of fire. He was a villain of Scarlet Spider's during the hero's time in Houston. [Source]


Real Name: Frederick Dukes
Texas Ties: Blob is an X-Men villain who was born in Lubbock, Texas. [Source]


Real Name: Antonio Rodriguez
Texas Ties: Rodriguez is the only Marvel character actually born in San Antonio, and his life is a sad, tragic tale. Rodriguez agreed to have his genes combined with the genetic material of an Armadillo in order to save his wife from an undiagnosed disease. He is sometimes a villain, sometimes a hero and was a member of the Rangers, a group of Texas-based superheroes. [Source]

Texas Twister

Real Name: Drew Daniels
Texas Ties: Texas Twister is the former leader of the Rangers, a Texas-based group of superheroes that were part of the 50-State Initiative from Marvel's Civil War arc. [Source]


Real Name: Bonita Juarez
Texas Ties: Born in New Mexico, Firebird is the current leader of the Texas-based Rangers. [Source]

Phantom Rider

Real Name: Hamilton Slade
Texas Ties: No, not Ghost Rider. Phantom Rider. Slade was an archeologist and a former member of the Rangers. His horse is named Banshee. [Source]

Red Wolf

Real Name: William Talltrees
Texas Ties: Talltrees was recruited into the Rangers at the end of the Civil War arc. [Source]

Shooting Star

Real Name: Victoria Star
Texas Ties: Shooting Star is an expert markswoman and equestrian and a daughter of a Texas oil baron. She has also been romantically linked to Texas Twister, with whom she developed a rodeo act. Her gyroscopic boots allow her to ride along in on of Texas Twister's tornados. She is also a member of the Rangers. [Source]

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Real Name: Unknown
Texas Ties: Not much is known about this recent addition to the Rangers. [Source]

Living Lightning

Real Name: Miguel Santos
Texas Ties: In his true form, Santos is a sentient electrical plasma force with no mass. He also is a member of the Rangers. [Source]


Real Name: Unknown
Texas Ties: Forge is Cheyanne and a mutant with the ability to intuitively invent mechanical devices. He was formerly based in Eagle Plaza in Dallas, and has been romantically linked to the X-Men's Storm. [Source]

William Stryker

Real Name: William Stryker
Texas Ties: In the X-Men films, Stryker is a military man responsible or the Weapon X program that gave Wolverine his adamantium. In the comics, he's also a religious fantatic who had a church in Dallas. [Source]


Real Name: Rachel Leighton
Texas Ties: Diamondback is a mercernary turned S.H.I.E.L.D. agent who was born in Austin. [Source]


Real Name: Daniel Leighton
Texas Ties: Cutthroat is Diamondback's brother. He's an assassin who was also born in Austin. [Source]

Human Fly

Real Name: Rick Rojatt
Texas Ties: The second human fly is based on off a real-life Canadian stuntman named Rick Rojatt. The comic character is based in Houston. [Source]


Real Name: Hamilton Slade
Texas Ties: Ajax is a Greek strongman and a Pantheon, a descendant of Agamemnon, a half-human and half-Asgardian god. He was born in Texas. [Source]

Star Lord

Real Name: Peter Quill
Texas Ties: An early version of the Guardian of the Galaxy's Star Lord was an astronaut who trained at NASA in Houston. [Source]

Human Torch

Texas Ties: The state of Texas made its first modern Marvel comic appearance in a Marvel Mystery Comics Vol 1. #3, which featured a story about the Human Torch fending off a Martian invasion in the fictional town of Galeton, Texas. [Source]

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Scarlet Spider

Real Name: Kaine Parker
Texas Ties: Also known as Tarantula, Araña Escarlata, Kaine was the first clone of Peter Parker. He operated as Houston's version of Spider-Man for a time. [Source]