20 People Totally Slaying the Fiesta Medal Game 

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The Fiesta medal game in San Antonio is fierce. Here's 20 people who are totally slaying and taking their medals to a new level.
OF 20
Keeping it classy while also totally slaying the medal game. Kudos to you.

Photo via Instagram/alanwarrickii
This guy's medal game is good. Like, real good.

Photo via Instagram/gloriaseyesontxpho
Hat? Check. Pretty dress? Check. A sash covered in badass medals? Super check.

Photo via amandalynnmi
There's no competition here. The guy on the right takes the cake.

Photo via Instagram/anthonyndenise
So many medals they didn't even have time to unpackage them all.

Photo via Instagram/chrisalas02
Can you even imagine how heavy that vest is?

Photo via Instagram/thehousesa
This girl is keeping it cute and simple, but still killing the medal game.

Photo via Instagram/bflowers522
San Antonio, meet your medal queens

Photo via Instagram/chrisalas02
The girl in the middle knows what it's all about.

Photo via Instagram/jackie_jones83
Too many medals to count.

Photo via Instagram/chrisalas02
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Not technically a person, but still slaying the medal game.

Photo via Instagram/crystalballesterosgarcia
Check out these medal enthusiasts and their beautifully decorated sashes.

Photo via Instagram/ comeon_alrightnow
These folks are killing the medal game, the hat game, the Fiesta game. They win them all.

Photo via Instagram/karolinasantiques
She's clearly about that medal life.

Photo via Instagram/liveloudsa
Who loves Fiesta medals? This guy, that's who.

Photo via Instagram/petersonentertainment
So neatly aligned. You can tell thought went into the placement of these bad boys.

Photo via Instagram/longhorndave03
She's probably like, what, 4? And she's already slaying the medal game. You go girl.

Photo via Instagram/losnsa
Medals on medals on medals.

Photo via Instagram/louichoo
Those medals are almost as pretty as this girl's smile. Almost.

Photo via Instagram/samiam1387
Getting in the game early.

Photo via Instagram/anarankin
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Keeping it classy while also totally slaying the medal game. Kudos to you.

Photo via Instagram/alanwarrickii

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