20 Relevant, Yet Creative Halloween Costumes San Antonians Should Consider This Year 

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2018 has been a wild year, y'all. With viral news stories like the trio that stole the shark from the San Antonio Aquarium to Fiesta Sucia, there are plenty of costume ideas that everyone is all but guaranteed to love. We've rounded up some ideas for you to consider, just remember that dressing up as someone doesn't require blackface or appropriating someone's culture.

With that being said, have fun this Halloween season, San Antonio.
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Beto skateboarding at Whataburger
Tall lanky zaddies should do themselves a favor and dress up as Beto O’Rourke for Halloween, For extra cool points, grab a skateboard and shred over at a Whataburger to capture O’Rourke in his zen.
Photo via Facebook / Beto O'Rourke
A flying chancla
Ok, flying chanclas are always topical, but remember when the San Antonio Missions baseball team temporarily became the Flying Chanclas de San Antonio earlier this year?! Pay tribute to the Mexican icon and transform to a giant ass chancla. If you’re really down, just randomly lunge toward people during your Halloween festivities to *really* incite fear.
Photo via YouTube / Disney Movies
Chris Steele in his fake fire chief uniform
Fire union president has been making headlines left and right as (he was) the face of the controversial charter amendments. Aside from the secret recording where his true intentions for supporting the amendments were revealed, the news that he made his own fire chief costume so he could look more official at press conferences might just take the cake. If you’re going to any politically-savvy parties, this will be your best bet.
Photo by Sanford Nowlin
The shark that got stolen from the San Antonio Aquarium
Who can forget the viral story of three folks stealing a shark from a local aquarium? The lengths that they went through to make it happen were wild, but even more so how they got away with it (for a few days). They snuck out the shark in a baby stroller! You’ll definitely win your costume contest with a shark getup and a stroller for you to fit in.
Photo via Facebook / San Antonio Aquarium
Fiesta Sucia
During Fiesta, all of the buzz surrounded the real Fiesta queen – Fiesta Sucia. Ladies, dress in your bikini top and Daisy Dukes, grab a couple of drinks and you’re good to go. For the full effect, remember to dance all up on everyone and keep the party going.
Photo via Facebook / Erik Jon Gustafson
The rainbow crosswalk on the Main Strip
The Main Strip is about 50 percent more fabulous now that it has the rainbow crosswalk. Gather five friends so y’all can collectively be the rainbow! You’ll have to settle it yourselves on assigning colors – red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple.
Photo via Instagram / skylinedronetx
Manu Ginobili enjoying retirement
We’ll leave it up to your creativity on this one. Whether you want him traveling the world, kicking back on a beach somewhere, or maybe even hanging out with Tim Duncan, imagine a world with Manu enjoying his post-NBA life. We’re still sad AF about it, but let’s have a little fun with this to ignore the pain.
Photo via Instagram / manuginobili
Lonnie Walker IV and his eye-catching hair
We can’t help but love Lonnie, including his iconic ‘do. Though he’s since cut it, throw it back to the NBA draft days where Lonnie had his floating hat way up high. This one may be tricky if you want it to last through the night, but pull it off and you’ll be the talk of the party.
Photo via Instagram / lonniewalkeriv
A Bird scooter
The talk of the year is totally the pain-in-the-ass (or are they actually useful) Bird scooters that let you close the gap in your transportation needs. Stick a long piece of cardboard adorned with wheels to your ankles and you too can be the scooters that are changing how tourists (and locals alike) experience San Antonio.
Photo via Instagram / photobro1
Carlos Uresti behind bars
2018 has been a shitty year for Carlos Uresti, the former politician who recently served on the Texas State Senate. He was convicted of fraud charges related to his involvement in the FourWinds Ponzi scheme and is now behind bars. If you care about local politics, be sure to consider this shady costume.
Photo via Instagram / antonioguillen
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Kawhi Leonard – your choice
Not puro by any means, but dressing up as Kawhi leaves a lot of options for you to absolutely win every costume contest you take part in. Whether it’s Kawhi freezing his ass off in Toronto, refusing to play, getting physical therapy, doing his weird laugh or being the most stale person to play in the NBA, we promise whatever you do will be hilarious.
Photo via Twitter / TSN_Sports
A Silver Dancer
Last season marked the end of the all-female Silver Dancer dance squad, part of the Spurs’ entertainment offerings. While women can still be involved as part of the coed hype team, Halloween allows you to live out your dream of being a Silver Dancer.
Photo via Instagram / spurssilverdancersalumni
David Robinson modeling in New York Fashion Week
Spurs legend David Robinson doing anything is automatically amazing, but Robinson modelling is a whole other deal. Whether you choose to recreate his professional suit look or go for the ‘90s theme he dressed up as (much more fun), you can pretend you’re 7’1 too and strut like Robinson.
Photo via Instagram / nicekicks
Pluckers finally coming to San Antonio
Whether you choose to be a chicken wing, or a piece of Holy Macaroni, you foodies should just give this one a thought. Superfans will totally get what you’re going for, but maybe you can print out the logo and slap it on your chest to be sure.
Photo via Instagram / culturesa210
Ted Cruz creeping on Beto O’Rourke
If you’re ugly, you can dress up as Ted Cruz. That’s all you need. Ok, not really, but channel Cruz’s aesthetic and you too can make everyone laugh with a picture of Beto in hand. Le sigh.
Photo via Twitter / KFILE
Tony Parker in a Hornets uniform
We don’t know whether to laugh or cry, so maybe we’ll do both. Tony Parker in anything other than a Spurs jersey looks weird AF, but if you’re a true fan and already have his Hornets jersey, you might as well pay tribute to the Frenchman.
Photo via Instagram / _tonyparker09
The 18-wheeler and the Mercedes Benz it crashed into
We’re totally not making light of this freak accident, but … wait. Maybe we are. If you have any sort of sense of humor, grab a friend so y’all can act out the 18-wheeler pushing the Mercedes Benz down I-35. Anyone who saw the crazy video will totally crack up. Maybe not the drivers involved, but the Benz owner will start laughing once he gets that settlement money.
Photo via Facebook / Adrian Lopez
San Antonio turning 300 years old
Pay tribute to San Antonio’s old ass and honor the tricentennial. You’ll have fun knocking this one out – maybe fashion a cutout of the Alamo while using a walker? Or be the River Walk and have a bingo card in hand? Whatever you come up with, you’re bound to get lots of stares and laughs once people get it.
Photo via Instagram / rugrat_paparazzi
Spurs Jesus and his baby
What’s more puro than Spurs Jesus? Spurs Jesus with a baby! The local celebrity and wife Karsen welcomed a baby boy last month, much to the excitement of Spurs fans and Catholics. Grab your Jesus wear and your baby, who should definitely be decked out in Spurs gear.
Photo via Instagram / spursjesus
That girl with the eyebrows that tagged the San Antonio Missions
We’re not trying to be shady, but … remember those twerps that tagged the San Antonio Missions? And remember the girl with the wild eyebrows in her mugshot? Yeah, be her for Halloween. Call upon your MUA friends to help you nail these steep and uncomplete eyebrows. (Don’t @ us, you know you were talking shit, too.)
Photo courtesy of the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office
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Beto skateboarding at Whataburger
Tall lanky zaddies should do themselves a favor and dress up as Beto O’Rourke for Halloween, For extra cool points, grab a skateboard and shred over at a Whataburger to capture O’Rourke in his zen.
Photo via Facebook / Beto O'Rourke

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