20 Shameless Instagrams of Costumed Animals for Dress Up Your Pet Day 

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Today is National Dress Up Your Pet Day. Or, if you’re a pet, it’s National Hide Underneath the Sofa Until Dinner Time Day. Everyone knows pets hate wearing clothes, but costumes just looks so damn cute on them that we can’t stop squeezing our bulldogs into hoodies and wrapping giant taco shells around our chihuahuas.

Aside from glorifying pet fashion, National Dress Up Your Pet Day aims to raise awareness about homeless dogs and cats. You can celebrate this holiday by dressing up your pet in something comfortable and safe (unfortunately the safety aspect won’t make your kitty hate you less for dressing him up as Superman), but you should also consider volunteering at a local animal shelter. You can donate food or toys, or you can stop by and offer to play with some especially hyper puppies. You could even adopt a new fur baby from Animal Care Services, San Antonio Pets Alive!, Animal Defense League, or San Antonio Humane Society.

Just don’t adopt a new pet for the sole purpose of dressing it in human clothes or capes. That’s messed up. —Misty Blaze

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