20 Things San Antonians Know Better Than Anyone Else 

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Whether you’re a native or a transplant to the 210, you know that there are some thing you would never see anywhere else. From our love of Tex-Mex food to how seriously we take Fiesta, we’ve rounded up the best too-true social media posts we could find about the Alamo City.
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Teaching Mexican folklore is a parenting style
San Antonio: where you learn about the chupacabra and Donkey Lady instead of traditional fairy tales.
Photo via Twitter, @SelenaDiane
Being a Spurs fan is a way of life
We come in every shape, size, color and creed. I mean, have you seen our roster? #AllOverTheWorld
Photo via Instagram, cheetosalinas
Piñatas are good for any occassion
Birthday party, Easter, job promotion, piñatas are always a good idea.
Photo via Instagram, moderntejana
Tacos are everything
Breakfast tacos, mini tacos, puffy tacos, we ain’t got no type.
Photo via Instagram, rell1925
The hard decisions in life
Por qué no los dos?
Photo via Instagram, her4thewknd
Eating chicken-on-a-stick is a rite of passage
If you don’t post a picture like this during Fiesta, did you even go to Fiesta?
Photo via Instagram, treatyoselftexas
Our love for Selena knows no bounds
RIP Tejano Queen.
Photo via Instagram, meganpadillaaa
Loving barbacoa and Big Red is kind of a given
We can’t think of a better way to spend a Sunday morning.
Photo via Instagram, jps38
Cascarones are either fun, or brutal as hell
Consider yourself lucky if no one has ever cracked it directly on your head.
Photo via Instagram, jefeman_satx
Tamale season isn’t a joke
Worth waiting in line for hours, it’s all you eat for a month and it changes parking. We take tamales very seriously.
Photo via Instagram, lsemidey88
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Bigger is better, especially when it comes to food
We ain’t here for a long time. We here for a good time.
Photo via Instagram, hangrymarz
Fiesta medals are treasures
Because this wouldn’t make sense anywhere else.
Photo via Instagram, sdgthieme
We take our love of music very seriously
Seems like an upgrade to us.
Photo via Twitter, @Keepiniteric
The Texas heat isn’t a joke, but we can handle it With spots like the San Pedro Springs Park Pool, the heat ain’t got nothing on us.
Photo via Instagram, sacurrent
How to not take things too seriously
This man is the GOAT.
Photo via Twitter, @PuroSanAntonio
Chisme...and Bill Miller tea, name a better duo
Spilling the tea over Bill Miller tea? Sounds like a fun night in to us.
Photo via Instagram, barbacoapparel
We’re artistic AF
A little color goes a long way, but we’ve never been one to shy away from using the whole palette.
Photo via Instagram, yesenia.m.d
Loteria is the perfect aesthetic for everything in your life
Whether it’s a spin on your favorite card or something new, you can’t help but purchase everything inspired by loteria.
Photo via Instagram, dj_furious_210
Religious decor is almost necessary for your casa
Betting now that you have a Crucifix or Virgen de Guadalupe in your home.
Photo via Instagram, stephmay17
We keep history at the center of our city
Remembering the Alamo? Not a problem for us.
Photo via Instagram, selenatheplaces
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Teaching Mexican folklore is a parenting style
San Antonio: where you learn about the chupacabra and Donkey Lady instead of traditional fairy tales.
Photo via Twitter, @SelenaDiane

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