20 Things That Are Weird Everywhere Except San Antonio 

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From stuff that falls under the "puro" category to things that only make sense because of San Antonio culture, here's some things that folks outside of the Alamo City just wouldn't understand.
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Basically shutting down the city with any chance of snow or ice
But not before we ransack H-E-B to buy food and supplies will undoubtedly last longer than the cold weather does.
Photo via Instagram / fr8ers68
Referring to locations as in or outside “the loop”
A lot of major cities don’t even have a loop, but we have two. Thank goodness, because we’re not sure how else we would reference distance and locations here.
Photo via Instagram / jesse0188
Saying “puro pinche” on a daily basis
Sometimes, it’s all you have to say.
Photo via Twitter / @PuroSanAntonio
Having a love for standing in long lines
If someone mentions “free” or “giveaway” in front of a San Antonian, we’re there and we’re standing in line. It truly doesn’t matter what it is, y’all. If it’s free, say no more.
Photo via Twitter / @Adriana_Acosta
Having a dedicated fan dress up as Jesus version of a local sports team
What other U.S. city is so down for Jesus enough for this? Seriously, we can’t imagine there being a “Buck Jesus” or a “Pelican Jesus.” Can you?
Photo via Instagram / ffeno
Being able to buy dogs, t-shirts, gift baskets, DVDs and pretty much anything from the side of the road
Shoutout to the roadside vendors that hold it down with the glamorous Spurs shirts and holiday baskets.
Photo via Instagram / moderntejana
Camping out at local park to reserve a spot for Easter weekend
Posting up at Brackenridge Park (or your park of choice) is puro San Antonio. Sure, some folks in other cities might celebrate holidays in the spring at a local park, but are they down to camp out for two, three days to do so? We didn’t think so.
File photo
Bundling up when the temperature drops below 70 degrees
60-something degree weather feels so much colder than it would in New York City or Seattle.
Photo via Twitter / amri_perez
Not renting a truck to move something really big
We’re not about that life, even if it means risking getting a ticket by driving around like this.
Photo by Sarah Martinez
Yelling “show us your shoes” at girls and women in fancy dresses
Seriously trying to think of a situation where this would even happen… only in San Antonio, y’all.
Photo by Samantha Serna
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Living in a city with more than a million people but everyone still knows each other
It doesn’t matter what circles you run with, this is still true.
Photo via Twitter / juanvald3z1
Disciplining your kids by telling them about the Donkey Lady and La Chupacabra
How else are kids supposed to behave?
Photo via Twitter / @SelenaDiane
Seeing at least 5 people you know every time you go to the grocery store
Going to H-E-B looking like a mess? You should already know you’re gonna see three people you graduated with, your ex, your grandma’s best friend, your best friend’s sister, another ex and probably your kid’s teacher too.
Photo via Google Maps
Having your sports team mascot show up at your birthday party
Having Coyote at your family party is a blessing. He’s such a goofball.
Photo by dru | photography
Going honking after your basketball team wins in the playoffs
Other cities start fires, flip over cars and smash windows – and that’s when they’re excited when their teams win. San Antonio? Yeah, we go honking downtown and down Military Drive, blasting music, waving our huge Spurs flags and chanting “Go Spurs Go!”
Photo via Pinterest / Ruthann Hildebrand
Shutting down the city to party
New Orleans may have Mardi Gras and Las Vegas may be a party all-year-round, but let’s be honest – most cities can’t party like San Antonio. With hundreds of events going on throughout the city over 10 days, even we have to pace ourselves and stay hydrated with all the beer chuggin’ and chicken-on-a-stick feastin’ we do.
Photo courtesy of Fiesta San Antonio
Having an entire festival dedicated to our favorite snacks/dishes
It’s no secret that we love food – so much that we dedicate whole festivals to some of our favorite dishes and snacks. Raspas, barbacoa, Big Red, fideo – the list goes on and on.
Photo via Instagram / alanisgood
Grabbing dinner, washing your car and doing your laundry all in one place
We honestly don’t deserve The Cove, but we’re so thankful.
Photo via Instagram / thecovesa
Dissing Charles Barkley
Sure, Charles Barkley was a talented basketball player, but now he’s a major shit-talker – especially about San Antonio women. While plenty of local folks will agree that San Antonio is home to some “big women,” others will no doubt have some choice words for ol’ Chuck.
Photo via Twitter / johndelizondo
Making a flier for your birthday party at your favorite club
Ok, maybe they do this is other cities, but y’all have to recognize that this sort of thing isn’t a major concept in most of the country.
Photo via Twitter / @SanAntonioProbz
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Basically shutting down the city with any chance of snow or ice
But not before we ransack H-E-B to buy food and supplies will undoubtedly last longer than the cold weather does.
Photo via Instagram / fr8ers68

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