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2008 Year in Review


An entire strip-mined Ozark mountaintop would seem to be in order for old San Antone, where our City Council rewards our renewed faith in government (if not specifically this government; the new term-limits extension doesn’t apply to the current reps) with a weak City Auditor law and a golden parachute for our handsomely compensated City Manager. Where the establishment raves about that City Manager while fraud is swept under the rug and lawsuits multiply at our City utility — the same utility that’s peddling a greener future while planning for uranium mines and nuclear waste dumps. But it’s not all switches and rocks for the Alamo City: Our First Amendment watchdogs, visionary artists, labor activists, and civil-rights social pariahs put in a full year of two steps forward, one step back. And the Man in Red has a little something for them, too, to go along with that big dose of hard-won Hope due to arrive in Washington D.C. proper on January 20. Happy Holidays, SA.