21 Essential San Pedro Restaurants You Should've Already Tried By Now 

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There's lots of places to eat in San Antonio, and quite a few notable restaurants are on San Pedro Avenue. From downtown all the way north nearing Stone Oak, here's all the well-known eateries and hidden gems on San Pedro that you should definitely know about.
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Taco House
6307 San Pedro Ave, (210) 341-3136, facebook.com
They aren’t skimpy at Taco House. Yeah, you might not find anything crazy on the menu, but you will find puffy tacos, which you can’t get everywhere, and generous portions for affordable prices. People also brag about the fabulous chile relleno, if you’re into that. Be sure to go for the breakfast and lunch specials.
Photo via Instagram / stripmallepicure
The Dogfather
6211 San Pedro Ave, (210) 481-4272, facebook.com/thedogfathersa
Gourmet hot dogs? If you grew up eating hot dogs, you will just die eating at The Dogfather (but in a good way). Their gourmet hot dog creations — from the Wake ‘n Bake dog, the Pop It Like It’s Hot dog, the Cristo Clause, and even some burgers — make for great Insta snaps and a damn good meal. People also rave about their just-as-delicious-but-not-quite-as-photogenic Frito pie dog and elote dog. Their prices aren’t outrageous, but if you’re not convinced, try them on a Sunday, when all specialty dogs are just $5.
Photo via Instagram / miss.lizziemarie.eats
Tienda Centro America
3915 San Pedro Ave, (210) 733-8951, facebook.com/TiendaCentroAmerica
Part restaurant and part grocery store, Tienda Centro America is your stop for anything you’re looking for that you can find a little south of Mexico. Once you fall in love with the food that you’ll be hard pressed to find elsewhere, you can get their hard-to-find goods all in the same place to enjoy at home. While you’re there, try their highly coveted pupusas, traditional baleadas and yuca.
Photo via Yelp / Zola J.
La Feria Del Taco
5723 San Pedro Ave, (210) 665-2051, tacos-a-vapor-la-feria-del-taco.negocio.site
Tiene buenísimos tacos! All of their reviews say that they have fabulous tacos, but they don’t only have the traditional tacos that you find everywhere. Even though street tacos seem to be gaining popularity, a lot of places don’t have the variety that La Feria del Taco has. If you’re in the mood for some traditional street tacos, don’t skip this place.
Photo via Instagram / laferiadeltaco.sa
Lucy Cooper's Texas Ice House
16080 San Pedro Ave, (210) 462-1894, lucycoopers.com
The self-proclaimed best little ice house in Texas, Lucy Cooper’s Texas Ice House has good food and good times in store for its patrons. Obviously, you have to be 21 to enjoy their drinks, but unfortunately, due to their 21 and up only policy, you have to be of-age to enjoy their other delicious menu items. This includes their donut burger, and yes, you read that right.
Photo via Instagram / s.a.vortooth
Lemongrass Thai Restaurant
16666 San Pedro Ave, (210) 490-3636, lemongrassthousandoaks.com
At Lemongrass Thai Restaurant, you’ll find all of the traditional Thai dishes that you already know and love, like pad Thai and sauteed Thai basil. In addition to these classics done right, they have delicious chef-created specials that you won’t find elsewhere. Wanna know that they are? Try Lemongrass to find out and see their dailty specials.
Photo via Instagram / atxfoodchronicles
Sanchos Cantina & Cocina
628 Jackson St, (210) 320-1840, sanchosmx.com
What Sanchos offers can be split into three categories: cocina, cantina and musica. One thing that you can find in la cocina that you can’t find everywhere else is some fish, shrimp and lengua. They even have vegan and vegetarian options for non-meat and non-pescatarians. They have your favorite traditional drinks, happy hour nightly and music literally almost every night. Basically, Sanchos is down to party no matter what day it is.
Photo via Instagram / stuff_your_face_w_grace
Fonda Latina Restaurant
6714 San Pedro Ave, (210) 824-2544,
There are a lot of Mexican and Latin-inspired restaurants on this list, and while it is possible for the untrained tongue to taste some of the flavors as similar, the Fonda Latina restaurant is a Columbian restaurant in San Antonio. They are perfect for lunch and dinner if you want to try a side of Latin cuisine that not many places in San Antonio serve up.
Photo via Instagram / foodhefner
Philly's Phamous Cheesesteaks
2301 San Pedro Ave, (210) 621-8908, facebook.com
Philly’s Phamous Cheesesteaks serves so much more than just the San Pedro area. They recently opened a new store, located at 12002 O’Connor Road, but it’s only a drive-thru. The original location on San Pedro is dine-in and BYOB for all of the booze lovers or parents of young children. So go on and bring the fam so ya’ll can get equally cheesy and meaty here.
Photo via Instagram / jennrollins
Scratch Kitchen
607 W Russell Pl, (210) 630-2220, scratchsanantonio.com
Scratch Kitchen is located in an absolutely adorbs building, so not only do they have fantastic food, but you can have a little photo shoot while you’re there. The original Scratch Kitchen was opened almost five years ago in Edinburg, Texas, and has luckily been relocated to here in San Antonio. Even though they close at 3 p.m. every day except for Sunday (when they close at 2 p.m.), it’s worth it to get up early. Also, it’s woman-owned, so girl power can also be found here.
Photo via Instagram / wheresthefood.sa
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606 W French Pl, (210) 314-8450, philocoffeesa.com
Good coffee — no bull. It’s funny because they have a statue of a bull with their logo painted on it. You’re not gonna find dinner at PhiloÇoffee, but you will find tea, pastries and fresh, light meals like brunch, breakfast and lunch. And coffee, of course — sometimes with coffee art by their baristas.
Photo via Instagram / safood.e
Tang Street
16111 San Pedro Ave, (210) 490-1788, tangst.com
Tang Street’s website claims that they have the best deals in the area, and upon further research, they aren’t joking when it comes to their appetizers and soups. You can get six cheese rangoons for about $4, eight fried dumplings for abut $6, and a large bowl on egg drop, hot and sour, or wonton soup for $3. When it’s cold and rainy and all you want is some soup and something solid to eat, this is definitely the place to hit up.
Photo via Instagram / stine.eats
Las Salsas
2018 San Pedro Ave, (210) 732-5366, facebook.com
It’s a true Mexican food place when the horchata is just as cheap as the soft drinks. Not every so-called Mexican food restaurant even has horchata. But Las Salsas does. And it isn’t just good at breakfast — it also has your traditional favorites as well as beer and micheladas. People also rave about the street tacos. Go see what all the fuss is about.
Photo via Instagram / shoyufriedbryce
Las Sabrosas de Guanajuato
6825 San Pedro Ave, (210) 785-9211, facebook.com
You already know what you're going to find at Las Sabrosas de Guanajuato — and it’s good, traditional food. While you can get a lot of yummy stuff at any Tex-Mex place, this restaurant takes it a little more personal and brings the flavor of Guanajuato to you. They do have your classic favorites, but there are a lot of opportunities on the menu to try something new too. Abuela would roll over in her grave if she knew you slept on Las Sabrosas.
Photo via Instagram / michellespurs
Juice Boss
15701 San Pedro Ave, (210) 495-2677, juicebosshq.com
Part juice and part chiropractic care, Juice Boss is where you come for the juice and stay for the health. Their juices and premium juice blends are all cold pressed and raw, and they have a ton of add-ons to try, like shots of ginger to give you a slap in the face or chia seeds to thicken your juice and add fiber. If all that fiber doesn’t leave you feeling cleansed and healthy enough, you can see their massage therapist to work out your knots and make you feel even better.
Photo via Instagram / juicebosshq
Pacific Moon
15140 San Pedro Ave, (210) 402-3411, pacificmoonsa.com
Pacific Moon is a restaurant and bar located near the Brook Hollow crossing on U.S. Highway 281. Chef Han, also known as Mama Han, was born in South Korea and retired in San Antonio with her military husband. Pacific Moon exists because everyone who ever tried her food loved it, and they convinced her to open a restaurant to share her delicious meals with the people of the Alamo City. Their specialties include your old favorites like sesame chicken with some house dishes, like the Mark and Mike bowl, which features two meats over steamed rice with a special sauce and topped with an omelette egg.
Photo via Instagram / safoodbites
La Chiquita Paleteria Y Neveria
6726 San Pedro Ave, (210) 845-1890, facebook.com
Come get your paletas! Think back to when you ran up to the paleta truck as a child but you only had a dollar so you couldn’t buy everything you wanted. Now imagine being your age and getting to have ice cream whenever you want. La Chiquita is basically your wonderland. No matter the weather outside, it’s refreshing to eat a fruity or spicy paleta after a long day at work.
Photo via Instagram / brass_6fd
Sabor Latino
5506 San Pedro Ave, (210) 832-8220, facebook.com/5saborlatino5506/
Sabor Latino should be a top destination for you if you’re looking for Honduran or Mexican food. During the holiday season, you can order ahead for hard-to-find nacatamales, which are somewhat similar to tamales in that they are a masa-like food which are wrapped and then steamed. They also periodically add new dishes for their patrons to try, so always check back to see if they have something new!
Photo via Instagram / muertapaz
DAB Hemp Cafe
105 Warren St, (210) 451-0230, dabcbdhempcafe.com
At DAB Hemp Cafe, you’ll find CBD-infused products for your skincare and ailments as well as sweet drinks and pastries. Try their interesting concoction of lavender, lime juice, cane sugar and alkaline water called Purp Reign, which is their best seller. Though this isn’t restaurant-type food, DAB is the perfect place to go after finals or a stressful day at work. You’ll feel so relaxed, man. Photo via Instagram / julia.satx
Taco Riendo
6624 San Pedro Ave, (210) 824-9130, facebook.com
You’re not gonna find anything crazy at Taco Riendo. That being said, what you will find is always done right, with love and care, just like abuelita used to make. With homemade tortillas and the traditional flavors that you’re used to but done deliciously and easy on your wallet, they’re worth a shot the next time you’re in the area.
Photo via Instagram / b1gduke6
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Gueros Fajita
401 W Maplewood Ln, (210) 748-8390, facebook.com
The best hamburgers in San Antonio? It sounds hard to believe, but if you browse their social media for pics of their food, it’s not hard to imagine how good they taste. You can find creations like the cubano burger, the matona burger, and the fan favorite, the chanconcle burger. Intrigued? You should be.
Photo via Facebook / Gueros fajitas
Taco House
6307 San Pedro Ave, (210) 341-3136, facebook.com
They aren’t skimpy at Taco House. Yeah, you might not find anything crazy on the menu, but you will find puffy tacos, which you can’t get everywhere, and generous portions for affordable prices. People also brag about the fabulous chile relleno, if you’re into that. Be sure to go for the breakfast and lunch specials.
Photo via Instagram / stripmallepicure

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