21 Ways to Spot a Transplant in San Antonio 

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When you meet a San Antonio local, you know it. And when you meet someone who's not from here, you definitely know it too. These are just some of the ways you know someone wasn't born and raised in the Alamo City.
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They shop for groceries at Walmart.
Why would anyone ever go to Walmart when there’s H-E-B?
Photo by Mike Mozart via Flickr Creative Commons
They can usually take the cold temperatures better than locals, but they’ll still complain.
“I moved here for the hot weather. Why is it cold right now?” or "This isn't real snow!" We hear you, bro.
Photo via Instagram / fr8ers68
They underestimate how stupid drivers can get — especially during rush hour.
Locals are never surprised, but newer additions to the Alamo City might be.
Photo via Instagram / vdub_mario
They don’t say “Ahhh!” after they make a joke.
Trust us, you’ll notice this immediately.
Photo via Twitter / amandaatrev
They don’t get the fuss about Fiesta.
Haters gonna hate.
Photo by Jaime Monzon
They use a rental truck when they move within the city.
If you’re a local, be thankful that you can depend on your tio with the big truck to come through.
Photo by Sarah Martinez
They have no idea about Handy Andy, the Sky Ride, Playland Park, Joske’s or Solo Serve.
They really missed out.
Photo via UTSA Libraries Digital Collections
They say El Pollo Loco has the most authentic Mexican food.
They obviously don’t know what’s good for them.
Photo via Instagram / elpolloloco
They don’t use “puro” in their daily vocabulary.
Don’t even think about “puro pinche.”
Art by Sarah Flood-Baumann
They don’t understand all the Fred’s Fish Fry memes.
Please, someone explain to them.
Photo via Instagram / elainemaxx
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They don’t understand your judgments about where locals went to high school.
If obviously don’t know anything if they think Harlandale Indians and McCollum Cowboys are the same.
Photo via Google Maps
They don’t understand what you mean when you say “inside the loop."
They’ll learn sooner or later. Right?
Photo via Instagram / jesse0188
They’ve never been honking after a Spurs win.
How else do they party after a big win?
Photo via Pinterest / Ruthann Hildebrand
They don’t think Flamin’ Hot Cheetos are their own food group.
They seriously sound good for any meal of the day.
Photo by Jessica Elizarraras
They’ve never called into The Dana Cortez Show for “Down in the DM.”
How else do they figure out if their boo is cheating or not?!
Photo via Instagram / danacortezshow
They don’t hate Yolanda Saldivar.
Or they don’t even know why locals hate her.
Photo via Instagram / massmexico
They don’t like the puro combination of barbacoa and Big Red.
Can you even imagine?
Photo via Instagram / alanisgood
They don’t have a Fiesta medal collection.
And they definitely don’t have a sash to wear all their medals.
Photo via Instagram / sdgthieme
They’ve never gone two-stepping at Floore’s.
Or, if they choose to go two-stepping at Cowboys Dancehall. With all those underage kids? No, thank you.
Photo via Instagram /floorecountrystore
They’ve never been to the ghost tracks.
And now it’s too late to even enjoy this urban legend since the tracks have been levelled out.
Photo via Instagram / sndp341
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They take their friends and family to Mi Tierra when they come to visit.
We get it, Mi Tierra is super famous. But there are other delicious Mexican restaurants worth visiting, too.
Photo via Instagram / lindsey.t.irish
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They shop for groceries at Walmart.
Why would anyone ever go to Walmart when there’s H-E-B?
Photo by Mike Mozart via Flickr Creative Commons

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