22 Hole-in-the-wall Restaurants in San Antonio You Should've Tried By Now 

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Looks can be deceiving, y'all. There's probably quite a bit of local restaurants that look shady AF on the outside that you wouldn't dare enter. Or maybe they're a easy to pass up since they're lodged between a barber shop and a tax service. Whatever the case may be, we've rounded up 22 solid restaurants that may not be easy on the eyes, but totally make up for it in their dishes.
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Taqueria Atotonilco
3431 W Commerce St, (210) 227-8090, facebook.com
Located in Prospect Hill, this taqueria serves up tacos packed with flavor. Whether you’re stopping by for breakfast tacos or want some tasty street tacos for lunch, Atotonilco knows what they’re doing.
Photo via Instagram / tacoist
Abel’s Diner
17327 N Interstate 35 Frontage Rd #200, Schertz, (210) 651-9606, abelsdiner.com
Not to be with Earl Abel’s, this Schertz diner offers classic American fare with daily specials and a retro-themed space. It may be a bit of a drive for some, but it’s the perfect stop the next time you’re heading up I-35.
Photo via Instagram / i_eat_texas
Taqueria El Trompo
3253 Harry Wurzbach Rd, (210) 780-1017, facebook.com
You may not have stopped in due to its less-than-desirable location, El Trompo is worth it. With a menu focused on interior Mexican cuisine, this tiny restaurant has tacos that’ll have you thinking you’re south of the border. Stop by later in the week to see the trompo (the spinning bit used to cook the meat) in action and enjoy your fresh eats.
Photo via Instagram / tacosoftexas
B & B Tamales and Food To Go
866 W Mayfield Blvd, (210) 921-0847
It doesn’t matter if you’re in the mood for tamales or barbacoa, both are solid options here. Be sure to stock up if you’re not in the neighborhood, we promise they’re just as tasty when you reheat them.
Photo via Instagram / d_pintor
Thai Lucky
711 S Pine St, (210) 774-9650
A restaurant can’t get much more hole-in-the-wall than sharing a building with a convenience store. It won’t even bother you because Thai Lucky serves up delicious dishes – especially if you have a craving for spice. Pho and/or curry should be your go-to here – just be sure to complete your meal with some Thai tea served in a tall glass.
Photo via Instagram / lonestarfoodie
Judy’s Food To Go
5510 Roosevelt Ave, (210) 627-2707
Whether you’re a proud Southsider or need to make the drive down south, Judy’s should be your go-to whenever you have an antojo for good ass Mexican food. They have the standard selection of tacos and breakfast plates, but everything is made with love just like mama makes it.
Photo via Instagram / evarocks
Rib House BBQ Restaurant
757 Old Hwy 90 W, (210) 433-1916
This easygoing spot should be visited at once – even if there’s a bit of a crowd. Specializing in barbecue, Rib House is also prized for its fried chicken and Southern-style sides. Bring your appetite, y’all, and be prepared to feast.
Photo via Instagram / dimartino25
Regio Cafe
1706 McCullough Ave #2, regiocafetx.com
We could easily name off dozens of taco spots worth visiting that you’ve probably never been to, but Regio Cafe should definitely be on your shortlist. If you want some solid tortillas, Regio Cafe certainly won’t disappoint you. You’ll have a hard time deciding between tacos and a plate – pero like por que no los dos?
Photo via Instagram / regiocafe
Three Amigos Chinese Restaurant
303 NW 36th St, (210) 436-0685
If there’s one place we say to not judge a book by its cover, it’s this place. Operating out of grocery store, this West Side staple is a solid choice for Chinese take-out. Westsiders already know what’s up, but outsiders should consider this their cue to stopping by Three Amigos.
Photo via Instagram / cyn.dminx
Garcia’s Mexican Food
842 Fredericksburg Rd, (210) 735-4525, facebook.com
Hold the phone – go to Garcia’s right now. This laid-back spot serves up Mexican digs that will straight up change your life. Frequented by locals and visitors who know what’s up, Garcia’s is the place to go for some authentic eats. (Order the brisket taco, y’all.)
Photo via Instagram / el_guapo_fabrication
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El Ceviche De Waldito
5526 Evers Rd, (210) 681-8100
This basic storefront brings you a mixture of Puerto Rican, Cuban and Peruvian cooking that’ll have you taking a break from tortillas for awhile. Bring your appetite, there’s a weekday lunch buffet that you’re bound to frequent more than a few times.
Photo via Instagram / thenicolai
Lucy’s Cafe (aka I Love Lucy Cafe)
2517 West Ave, (210) 737-7166, facebook.com
SA has its share of chill ass breakfast spots, and Lucy’s Cafe is among them. Whether you’re part of the 7am crowd or the bunch in the early afternoon, the West Ave. spot has … *interesting* decor that you’ll enjoy seeing as you slam a few tacos (or a breakfast plate) down your gullet.
Photo via Instagram / kimagureorangeroad
L & L Hawaiian Grill
1302 Austin Hwy #1, (210) 474-6699, llhawaiiangrill.com
Transport yourself to the island and order up treats like a local. Opt for the ramen burger or go for something more traditional like the moco loco (don’t let the name fool you).
Photo via Instagram / safood.e
Maria’s Cafe
1105 Nogalitos St, (210) 227-7005
Forget Olive Garden – if you want to be treated like family, go to Maria’s Cafe. This cozy cafe may not be posh, you’ll be satisfied by everything you eat from start to finish. The salsa is just the right amount of spicy, and don’t even get us started on the brisket nachos.
Photo via Instagram / matthewodam
Chas Market & Kitchen
1431 N Pine St, (210) 227-1521, chaskitchen.com
This neighborhood joint keeps it real with an eatery specializing in Korean BBQ. If you’re trying to save a few bucks, stop by during the week for the lunch specials. If you’re trying to get your much on, take advantage of the all-you-can-eat option and do your worst.
Photo via Instagram / druz_journo
Jamaica Jamaica Cuisine
2026 Austin Hwy, (210) 590-0515, jamaicajamaicacuisine.com
You may not be able to take a vacation out to the Caribbean, but you can enjoy the tastes of Jamaica at this Austin Hwy. spot. If you’re a newbie, order the jerk chicken – you have plenty of ways to order it.
Photo via Instagram / munchandrepeat
Lula’s Mexican Cafe
115 E Travis St #104, (210) 472-3300
If you ever find yourself in Downtown and don’t want to hit up a tourist trap on the River Walk, pay a visit to Lula’s. Open for breakfast and lunch, this Travis St. outpost has a dedicated following for a reason. Taste for yourself.
Photo via Instagram / hkcheung24
Rehoboth Eritrean-Ethiopian Cuisine
1721 Babcock Rd, (210) 263-7002, eritrean-ethiopiancuisine.com
San Antonio may not have loads of spots to enjoy African cuisine, but the restaurants that are here have a good reputation. Stop by Rehoboth for daily specials and the taste of Ethiopia.
Photo via Instagram / rehoboth_eritrean_ethiopian
Mariscos Del Puerto
10430 Culebra Rd, (210) 637-9404
Venture into this snug spot for some scrumptious Mexican seafood that will most definitely hit the spot. There’s lots of options to choose from, including a kids menu for the little ones.
Photo via Instagram / foodratersusa
La Sorrentina
3330 Culebra Rd, (210) 549-0889, facebook.com
The West Side may not seem like an ideal spot for some solid Italian fare, but trust us – La Sorrentina is where it's at. The restaurant may be small but these dishes are jam-packed with flavors that are totally worth the hassle. While the lasagna and tiramisu make a scrumptious meal, you’re good going with just about anything here.
Photo via Instagram / aleexlasso
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El Coqui Restaurant
5036 W Military Dr, (210) 645-6465, elcoquisatx.com
This modest joint brings Puerto Rican fare to SA. Whether you’re having a feast at the lunch buffet or not, every bite of yuca frita, ropa vieja and the pastelillos will keep you satisfied.
Photo via Instagram / stacia_x0
South China Chinese & American
109 Crane Ave, (210) 927-1761
Stick to the basics and enjoy some classic Chinese cooking at this South Side restaurant. Seriously, South China is super informal but has a dedicated following.
Photo via Yelp / Angela C. B.
Taqueria Atotonilco
3431 W Commerce St, (210) 227-8090, facebook.com
Located in Prospect Hill, this taqueria serves up tacos packed with flavor. Whether you’re stopping by for breakfast tacos or want some tasty street tacos for lunch, Atotonilco knows what they’re doing.
Photo via Instagram / tacoist

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