22 must-see roadside attractions within driving distance of San Antonio 

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The great outdoors is nice and all, but hikes can get a bit old after a while, especially as temperatures soar.

One way to get out while still spending time in the cool relief of an AC is a road trip. To help with that, we rounded up 22 outdoor roadside attractions in and around San Antonio that can get you out of the house to take in the kookier side of South Texas' cultural offerings.
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Stonehenge II and Easter Island Heads, Ingram, TX
120 Point Theatre Road S., roadsideamerica.com
They may not be the real deal, but these replicas of Stonehenge and the Easter Island Moai Statues in Ingram, Texas, are the next best thing to the storied ancient monuments.
Photo via Instagram / houstongetaways
Marathon, a.k.a. Robo-Cow, Johnson City, TX
Junction of Flat Creek Road and E. US Hwy 290, Johnson City, roadsideamerica.com
This steely steer, crafted by texan artist Bettye Hamblen Turner, looks like a creature straight out of a sci-fi movie. It stoically guards the entrance of the The Preserve at Walnut Springs.
Photo via Instagram / jonesdan515
Frank's Hog Stand, San Antonio, TX
801 S. Presa, San Antonio, roadsideamerica.com
A remnant of the classic 1920s chain of drive-in Pig Stand restaurants, Frank’s Hog Stand reopened in 2010 and served all-American eats. The restaurant has since closed, but the building remains the last pig standing — even when man has left.
Photo via Instagram / jlg_atx
Giant Stag Made of Junk, Converse, TX
4203 Loring Park, Converse, roadsideamerica.com
Built from various rusted metal parts — fenders and typewriters included — this Florentino Narcis creation stands 40 feet tall in the midst of a neighborhood in Converse.
Photo via Instagram / pauseforadventure
Fetus Monument, Schulenberg, TX
405 South St., Schulenburg, roadsideamerica.com
At the entrance of the Knights of Columbus building stands an abstract monument holding three silver fetuses. This catholic fraternity organizes anti-abortion activism and this creepy statue is apparently part of the organization’s push to create a “culture of life.”
Photo via Instagram / wondersofbackroads
Junk Yard Dog, San Antonio, TX
1201 Somerset Road, San Antonio, roadsideamerica.com
This canny canine is made by the same artist as the giant cowboy boots which sit outside of North Star Mall. Bob "Daddy-O" Wade, who passed away in late 2019, built the pup out of cars in his junk yard: a 1966 Plymouth Fury, a Volkswagen Beetle and the hood of a Cadillac.
Photo via Instagram / richardjgarciacpa
World’s Largest Strawberry, Poteet, TX
530 Avenue H, Poteet, roadsideamerica.com
The strawberries in Poteet are anything but petite, including the 7-foot tall statue of a strawberry located in front of the town’s fire station. Though Poteet’s iconic annual Strawberry festival was canceled this year due to the pandemic, the burg pays homage to its trademark crop year round with statues and artwork.
Photo via Instagram / laurenturek
Strawberry Water Tower, Poteet, TX
Junction of Betty Louise Drive and Pecan St., Poteet, roadsideamerica.com
A towering 130-foot strawberry can be seen along Highway 16 as cars approach Poteet, giving a berry sweet welcome to all passerbys.
Photo via Instagram / ahoycharlie
Watermelon Water Tower, Luling, TX
1798 E Pierce St., Luling, roadsideamerica.com
Along Highway 183, another high-flying fruit can be spotted in the sky. This 154-foot tower contains some of the water that helps grow Luling’s 50 pound watermelons.
Photo via Instagram / insearchofquirk
Smitty: World's Largest Gingerbread Man, Smithville, TX
Junction of 1st St. and Main St., Smithville, roadsideamerica.com
From the world’s largest gingerbread mold came Smitty, the world's largest gingerbread man, who towers at 20 feet. The actual cookie, which earned a Guinness World Record, was eaten by the town residents but a replica stands to commemorate the occasion.
Photo via WIkimedia Commons / Larry D. Moore
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Mansplaining Statue, San Antonio, TX
4301 Broadway, San Antonio, roadsideamerica.com
Though unintended by the artist, the statue Classmates on UIW’s campus struck a chord, as it accidentally immortalizes the unique frustration of being mansplained to. The statue can be found near the college’s music building.
Photo via Instagram / mkomar09
Giant Steer Skull, Bandera, TX
200 Main St., Bandera, roadsideamerica.com
This monolithic steer head is mounted on the rear of the building that houses Western Trail Antiques..
Photo via Google Street View
The Cartoon Saloon, Comfort, TX
508 FM Hwy 473, Comfort, roadsideamerica.com
This stand on the side of the highway is an old-west saloon which passerbys can go into, but don’t go expecting to order a sasparilla —it serves no other function than photo-op stop.
Photo via Instagram / sacafishing
World's Largest Pecan, Seguin, TX
390 Cordova Road, Seguin, roadsideamerica.com
The Pecan Capital of the world won the title not just for its fields of ofTexan pecan trees but also for the 16-foot long, 8-foot wide statue of a pecan which sits outside of the Pecan Museum of Texas, which houses Texan folk art and nutcrackers.
Photo via Instagram / angrygardener
Home of the World's Largest Pecan Historic Marker, Seguin, TX
101 E. Court St., Seguin, roadsideamerica.com
Seguin sits along the Guadalupe River, which was once known as the “River of Nuts.” A 1000 pound pecan statue outside of Seguin’s city hall is dedicated to Spanish explorer Cabeza de Vaca, who survived on a diet of local pecans while being held captive in the area.
Photo via Instagram / waffles_the_wonder_dog
World's Second Largest Mobile Pecan, Seguin, TX
5440 S. Hwy 123 Bypass, roadsideamerica.com
To round out a pecan-themed Seguin tour, check out the 10-foot-long fiberglass steel-framed pecan, which is technically mobile since it’s situated on a truck frame. This “Mobile Pecan” is parked outside of the Pape Pecan House, which offers all sorts of nutty snacks.
Photo via Facebook / The Long Long Road
World’s Largest Peanut, Pearsall, TX
Junction of S. Treviño St. and Comal St., Pearsall, roadsideamerica.com
The World’s Largest Peanut still stands proudly after 25 years on the side of the road in Pearsall, TX.
Photo via Instagram / redfangoo
Big Peanut for The Peanut King, Floresville, TX
1420 3rd St., Floresville, roadsideamerica.com
A giant peanut statue dons the Floresville courthouse’s lawn in honor of Joe T. Sheehy, AKA "The Peanut King.” This oversized legume is believed to be “the oldest of America's big civic peanuts.”
Photo via Wikimedia Commons / Billy Hathorn
World's Largest Virgin Mary Mosaic, San Antonio, TX
1301 Guadalupe St., San Antonio, roadsideamerica.com
San Antonio artist Jesse Trevino’s La Veladora is a large mosaic replica of a Catholic prayer candle in tribute to the Lady of Guadalupe.
Photo via Instagram / vickybot311
Lourdes Grotto Replica, La Grange, TX
936 FM 2436, La Grange, roadsideamerica.com
Transport yourself to the cobbled streets of Europe at this Texas version of the grotto at Lourdes, France.
Photo via Instagram / worm.casserole
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Big Slice of Pie, Kyle, TX
202 W. Center St., Kyle, roadsideamerica.com
Sitting atop the Texas Pie Company’s roof, this hearty slice of cherry pie will cause pupils to dilate as soon as the peepers get a sight of its oozing filling. Don’t worry about cravings — the restaurant is still offering take-out, so you can grab a slice of pie while passing through.
Photo via Instagram / smorgan.images
Deer Antlers / Deer Horn Tree, Junction, TX
1502 Main St., Junction, roadsideamerica.com
Deer Antlers have become a staple of hipster home decor, but in Junction, Texas residents piled discarded deer antlers high enough to become a a full-sized tree.
Photo via Instagram / tere.sue
Stonehenge II and Easter Island Heads, Ingram, TX
120 Point Theatre Road S., roadsideamerica.com
They may not be the real deal, but these replicas of Stonehenge and the Easter Island Moai Statues in Ingram, Texas, are the next best thing to the storied ancient monuments.
Photo via Instagram / houstongetaways

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