23 Tiny San Antonio Restaurants You Should've Tried By Now 

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Tired of walking into a giant restaurant with, like, 200 people in it? That's us, too. Try these 23 fun-sized restaurants instead for a more personal dining experience.
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2M Smokehouse and Catering
2731 S WW White Rd, (210) 885-9352, 2msmokehouse.com
If you happen to be in the mood to try some smokin’ BBQ this summer, 2M is definitely worth your time. Don’t be fooled by the small size – they’ve got big BBQ.
Photo via Instagram / _starlightstarbright
2211 NW Military Hwy #131, (210) 342-0011, azroafghancuisine.com
If you’re unfamiliar with Afghan cuisine, fear not! The staff at Azro will be happy to guide you through ordering. If you’re brave enough, try it by yourself – it’s hard to make a mistake with this menu.
Photo via Instagram / ensomoto
Il Forno
122 Nogalitos St, (210) 616-2198, ilfornosa.com
Pizza + happy hour? Wow! Try these farm-fresh pizzas for inexpensive prices and incredible flavor.
Photo via Instagram / kodymelton
Bear Moon Bakery and Cafe
401 S Main Street, Boerne, (830) 816-2327, bearmoonbakery.com
For a short drive, you can enjoy everything the Bear Moon Bakery and Cafe has to offer – quiches, pastries, sandwiches, and other traditional breakfast and brunch options. While you’re in Boerne, enjoy the sights.
Photo via Instagram / visitboerne
1012 S Presa St, (210) 532-2551, biterestaurantsa.com
If you’re looking to go more upscale, Bite is where you should grab your brunch. Check out their Instagram-worthy cocktails, but don’t forget to pick up food that guests rave about as well.
Photo via Instagram / tanzene
Cascabel Mexican Patio
1000 S St Mary’s St, (210) 212-6456, facebook.com/pages/Cascabel-Mexican-Patio
Yeah, the inside might be small, but the flavor is big. Don’t forget their beautiful patio.
Photo via Instagram / hurtlikepain
Evans BBQ
21003 Encino Commons, (210) 495-2528, evansbbq.com
Were you expecting brisket and potato salad? We know the name doesn’t scream “Indian food served here!” but you’ll be glad you tried this place nonetheless. The butter chicken is a fan-favorite.
Photo via Instagram / spicyworldbyarpita
La Sorretina
3330 Culebra Rd, (210) 549-0889, facebook.com
La Sorretina is a sweet Italian cafe serving up your favorite Italian classics. Don’t let its hole-in-the-wall nature fool you – you’ll want to recommend it to everyone you know.
Photo via Instagram / sadchalupa
Burger Boy
Multiple locations, burgerboysa.com
Well-established and incredibly well-loved, Burger Boy is a San Antonio classic that will have you coming back for more time and time again. Enjoy their tasty burgers, friendly staff, and quick service. Did we mention they have a drive-thru?
Photo via Instagram / mikeystrange
842 Fredericksburg Rd, (210) 735-4525, facebook.com
Brisket tacos are the name of the game at Garcia’s, which has been serving San Antonio for more than half a century. Yes, this restaurant is probably older than you.
Photo via Yelp / Alex S.
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Little Jamaica
5490 Walzem Rd, (210) 637-1293, facebook.com/littlejamaicafoods
San Antonio isn’t well-known for its Jamaican food, but Little Jamaica is well-known for being authentic.
Photo via Instagram / eeshabella25
Mrs. Kitchen Restaurant and Bakery
2242 E Commerce St, (210) 549-4392, mrskitchensa.com
Can you say food coma? There’s a reason that soul food is comforting. Don’t embarrass yourself by forgetting to order their fried catfish or fried chicken.
Photo via Instagram / canteeezy
Kung Fu Noodle
6733 Bandera Rd, (210) 451-5586, facebook.com/pages/Kung-Fu-Noodle
You’d better believe that the noodles are hand-pulled at Kung Fu Noodle.
Photo via Instagram / mrsmaves
Malinalli Bakery
2211 NW Military Hwy, (210) 209-3463, malinalli.us
Boy are we lucky that Malinalli Bakery has decided to come back! Even though they closed their bistro section, they still serve a delicious, limited menu of sandwiches and baked goods. Do not miss the chicken salad croissant.
Photo via Instagram / the.weekend.foodie
1015 Navarro St, (210) 222-2008, havanasanantonio.com
If you’re looking for a little bit cooler of a dining experience, Ocho is definitely not divey. They serve up trendy takes on your old favorites.
Photo via Instagram / meganbingham
Ro-ho Pork and Bread
623 Urban Loop, (210) 800-3487, ro-hoporkandbread.com
Pork and bread might sound limited, but the flavor will more than make up for that.
Photo via Instagram / enriquevega3
Seoul Asian Food Market and Cafe
1005 Rittiman Rd #1005, (210) 882-1529, facebook.com
Seoul Asian Food Market and Cafe has authentic and delicious food for extremely reasonable prices. Enjoy browsing the market portion of the building while you wait for your food to be ready.
Photo via Instagram / mayra_sounraj
Maria’s Cafe
1105 Nogalitos St, (210) 227-2005, sastad.com/item/marias-cafe
Oh, how we wish Maria’s was open past 2pm. There’s a reason this place gets crowded – from the cozy atmosphere to the delicious food, it brings in patrons from open til close.
Photo via Instagram / tacoist
Viva Vegeria
1422 Nogalitos St, (210) 465-9233, myvegeria.com
If you’re vegan, Viva Vegeria is a must-try Mexican place. They even have desserts!
Photo via Instagram / theveganroadie
Thai Lao Orchid
20540 TX-46, (830) 438-3379, facebook.com/pages/Thai-Lao-Orchid
Thai Lao Orchid has great pad thai and some sushi rolls as well. It’s hard to go wrong with a menu of your favorite Thai classics.
Photo via Instagram / foodiesoftexas
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Mark’s Outing
1624 E Commerce St, (210) 299-8110, facebook.com/MarksOuting
A rival to Burger Boy? Not so fast. You come for the burger and fill up on their famous beans while you wait, then even after you’re stuffed, you still won’t want to share your peach cobbler.
Photo via Instagram / lgomez123
Sweet Yams
218 N Cherry St, (210) 229-9267, facebook.com/SweetYamsOrganic
If you’ve got a special diet, like vegetarian or gluten-free, Sweet Yams is certainly worth a try. They even have a few options for your omniverious or pescatarian friends as well.
Photo via Instagram / sweetyamsorganic
Mittman Fine Foods
1125 S Mittman St, (210) 532-3318, facebook.com/pages/Mittman-Fine-Foods
This awesome mom and pop shop has been serving up authentic Mexican food to San Antonians no matter how busy they get.
Photo via Instagram / _jluda_
2M Smokehouse and Catering
2731 S WW White Rd, (210) 885-9352, 2msmokehouse.com
If you happen to be in the mood to try some smokin’ BBQ this summer, 2M is definitely worth your time. Don’t be fooled by the small size – they’ve got big BBQ.
Photo via Instagram / _starlightstarbright