24 San Antonio Restaurants Serving Up Authentic Vietnamese Food 

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Whether you're a total newbie to Vietnamese fare or obsessed with the cuisine and looking for more local spots to try out, here's where you can score some good Vietnamese bites in the Alamo City.
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Pho 4 Star Vietnamese and Chinese
830 Northwest Loop 410 #101, (210) 598-9983, pho4star.com
Known for their large portion sizes, 4 Star’s kitchen serves up heaping helpings of fragrant pho and lemon chicken. The restaurant isn’t afraid to cross borders, as evidenced by Chinese and Thai dishes—particularly their popular pad Thai option.
Photo via Instagram / stine.eats
Viet Nam Restaurant
3244 Broadway St, (210) 822-7461
Albeit a name change in recent years, Viet Nam went back to the original moniker and continues to offer clay pots and banh xeo for the purist, and decadent spring rolls and richly accessorized pho for mainstream Asian dabblers.
Photo via Instagram / breemix
Berni Vietnamese
8742 Wurzbach Road, (210) 485-5982, facebook.com
Service is speedy, and servings are generous at this spotless Vietnamese joint off Wurzbach that ends your meal with a warm bowl of taro tapioca.
Photo via Instagram / ja.foodies
Pho Ha Long
6424 Northwest Loop 410 #104, (210) 521-4507, facebook.com/PhoHaLong
It seems that Pho Ha Long’s found a secret formula for keeping Alamo City slurpers happy. We’re particularly partial to the No. 10 with round eye steak, lean flank and chewy tendon.
Photo via Instagram / kimschiano
Pho An
12916 Bandera Road, Helotes, (210) 966-0446
If you find yourself out in this neck of the woods, consider Pho An a top choice for quality pho. The same goes for the buns, too. Fresh, authentic food and great service await you here, so don’t wait too long to stop in for a bowl of noodley goodness.
Photo via Instagram / primadonnah01
Singhs Vietnamese
2805 N St Mary's St, (512) 940-9662, facebook.com
Boozeheads slumming it down the St. Mary’s Strip can enjoy delicious late-night bites courtesy of Singhs. Really, anyone can enjoy the variety of banhs, buns and wings on the menu. If you’re looking for a simple introduction to Vietnamese fare, look no further.
Photo by Jess Elizarraras
Pho Win
12830 Silicon Dr #102, (210) 731-2917, phowinsa.com
Vermicelli bowls and all the classic dishes like rolls, pho, stir-fried egg noodle soups and Vietnamese sandwiches are all up for grabs here. While the menu is pretty big and offers other Asian specialties, you’ll have plenty of tasty options to get your fix of Vietnamese flavors.
Photo via Instagram / sa.suaveeats
Pho Thien An
126 W Rector #108, (210) 348-8526
You know you can expect a solid bowl of pho when the first note under the menu is the spiciness scale. With meaty and veggie options alike to accompany the beef noodle broth, you’ll always want to opt for the large bowl.
Photo via Instagram / madelinemonroe23
Pho Plus
1550 Austin Hwy #103, (210) 822-0173, phoplus.weebly.com
Folks in this neck of the woods will want to hit up Pho Plus for their Asian soup needs. Go for the tofu and vegetable option or choose from one of the meats like rare flank steak, chicken or meatball. If you really want to go all out, you can get the supreme option with all of the meats.
Photo via Instagram / kbreezymofo
French Sandwiches
8448 Fredericksburg Road, (210) 692-7019
Tucked away in the same shopping center that houses India Palace is French Sandwiches with its hearty, leafy French Vietnamese sandwiches and excellent soups and salads. Don’t miss the grilled pork sandwich or the French onion soup.
Photo via Instagram / breaking.bread.in.sa
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Pho Cong Ly
300 W Bitters Road, (210) 499-5572
Adventurers who dare rub lips with a little “soft tendon” in their bath of noodle soup (found under “fortifying combos” on the menu) will be rewarded with a tongue tingle worth remembering.
Photo via Instagram / stine.eats
Real Pho
11223 Potranco Road #202, (210) 390-8056, realpho.business.site
This unsuspecting strip mall joint on the Far West Side has all the pho you crave. It may be bare bones but you can take your pick of more than a dozen varieties of pho as well as vermicelli bowls and Banh Mi. So feel free to order up and enjoy this deliciousness.
Photo via Instagram / choomshika
Pho Hung Cuong
Multiple locations, phohungcuong410.com
With two locations, stop by the 410 outpost for Asian cuisine and baked goods. As far as Vietnamese picks, you can choose from egg rolls, pho, Tom hoang, buns and vermicelli on this massive menu. There’s also boba tea and Vietnamese coffee for you to pair with your meal.
Photo via Instagram / superfinelisa
Pho Kim Long
4230 McCullough Ave #2, (210) 829-8021
Get the giggles out of the way before you head to Pho Kim Long. The joint carries pho favorites in massive bowls, vermicelli bun and Vietnamese sandwiches on soft bollilos.
Photo via Instagram / seeking_champange210
Heavenly Pho
19178 Blanco Road #305, (210) 545-3553, facebook.com/heavenlyphosa
Big appetites should go for the No. 1 with beef noodle soup with eye round steak, brisket, rare flank, tendon, tripe and meatball. Settle in for a bit of cloud 9.
Photo via Instagram / m.d.foodie
A Dong Vietnamese & Chinese Restaurant
5222 De Zavala Road, (210) 561-5576
Pho, vermicelli and buns – what more could you ask for? Well, the menu includes a lot more than just that, but A Dong makes these classics super tasty, so we wouldn’t blame you if you stick to just the Vietnamese finds here.
Photo via Instagram / icyfish_dee
Pho Hong Phat
6180 Wurzbach Road, (210) 523-2888
This chill spot keeps it real with pho, spring rolls and other classic dishes that are solid choices for when you want some fresh flavors. Consider the Medical Center folks lucky for having this spot so close.
Photo via Instagram / minjeejou
Viva Pho Vietnamese Cuisine and Teabo Lounge
2114 NW Military Hwy, Castle Hills, (210) 714-3482, vivaphocastlehills.com
In the way of pho, Viva presents 10 variations of the much-loved comfort food. Hearty portions of the civilly priced soups come with filet mignon, brisket, tendon, tripe, meatballs, flank steak, or eye round, plus a few combinations of these.
Photo via Instagram / jennyparkrealtor
Pho La
13777 Nacogdoches Road #101, (210) 590-1882, facebook.com/PhoLaVietnameseRestaurant
Though it also serves up Chinese and Thai dishes, Pho La specializes in authentic Vietnamese cuisine. Don’t let the massive menu overwhelm you, just make a decision of what kind of pho you want: vegetable, tofu, chicken, steak, meatball, fat brisket, shrimp or a seafood combination. There’s also egg noodles and rice vermicelli in case you want to change it up a bit.
Photo via Instagram / _blanca.marie_
BobaTea Garden
8333 Culebra Road, Ste 204A, (210) 592-1885, bobateagarden.com
Come for the boba tea, stay for the Vietnamese fare. The menu is largely vegetarian/vegan as well as gluten-free, so it’s a solid go-to for those with special diets. Even if you’re not, you’ll score with vermicelli, pho, sandwich, and broken rice options.
Photo via Instagram / vamonosvegan
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Suck It The Restaurant
7220 Louis Pasteur Dr #125, (210) 560-2113, chefsuckit.com
Vietnamese, Japanese, Chinese, and a dash of puro San Anto make up this Medical Center eatery that wows guests with fusion plates and over-the-top.
Photo via Instagram / tumasalad
Vietnam Market
5360 Walzem Road, (210) 653-9911,
You’re more than welcome to try your hand at Vietnamese fare. At this international market, you’ll find lots of Asian grocery items – obviously a lot of Vietnamese selections. Specialty meats, seafood and more await you so you can cook up something delicious.
Photo via Instagram / eneidagarcia__
Pho Nguyen
18410 US. Highway 281 N, Suite 115, (210) 402-1553, phonguyensanantonio.weebly.com
This laidback eatery has all the Vietnamese dishes you know and love – pho, banh mi, Tom Nuong, and Vietnamese coffee – and lots of it.
Photo via Instagram / imllesliep
Manola’s Thai & Vietnamese Cuisine
7212 Blanco Road, (210) 348-9071, manolasrestaurant.com
Manola’s offers the more traditional pho ga as well as the pho that adds your choice of meatball, round eye steak, or brisket. There’s also noodle options both brothy and dry for you to get you to fill up on.
Photo via Yelp / Martin M.
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Pho 4 Star Vietnamese and Chinese
830 Northwest Loop 410 #101, (210) 598-9983, pho4star.com
Known for their large portion sizes, 4 Star’s kitchen serves up heaping helpings of fragrant pho and lemon chicken. The restaurant isn’t afraid to cross borders, as evidenced by Chinese and Thai dishes—particularly their popular pad Thai option.
Photo via Instagram / stine.eats

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