25 Adoptable Dogs Looking for a Family This Memorial Day Weekend 

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If you need any more convincing besides these adorable faces, just know that adoptions rates are lowered through Memorial Day. Adoption fees include spay/neuter surgery, age-appropriate vaccinations, microchip, internal and external parasite treatment, a starter bag of Heritage Ranch by H-E-B pet food and more!

What are you waiting for? Swing by the Animal Defense League of Texas to bring your new furry family member home today!
OF 25
"I’m trying my best to not be so shy around people but can you blame me? I was found roaming a neighborhood with nowhere to go and was brought here to look for a home. I’m looking forward to the day I find that special person for me, so that I can have a nice home where I can relax with them. I’m sure within time, I’ll learn to break out of my shell and show my true self. Will you give me a chance to get to know you and be your best friend?"
"What can I say about me? I’m gorgeous, with my long legs, slim body and white coat that has just a few light tan highlights. I’m young, still a pup really, who loves my toys and exploring on walks. I’m a bit on the shy side at first and I show it by barking so people won’t come close and scare me, but once I get to know you I like to lean against you and give you gentle kisses. I am waiting for a home so I can relax and be myself and just love everyone."
Nutella & Gronk
"I’m Nutella, the black and white dog on the left. I came to ADL with my brother Gronk who is the silly boy next to me. We came to ADL together and wish to find a home where we can stay together. Gronk and I love to play tag and goof around. We would love to have an active human friend who’ll be happy to take us out for walks. Do you think you have room in your heart for the both of us? If so, then please come by and let’s meet!"
"I may be somewhat nervous when we first meet. Especially here at ADL where there’s a lot of action always going on. I just need a moment to become familiar with my surroundings and with new people. I like to run outside, jump around and play with toys. I know how to sit, crawl, and love to fetch! I also smile a lot, I’ve been told I have a great smile. Come on out and give me a chance to smile for you! Let’s go for a walk in the ADL dog park away from the action and get to know each other better. What do you think? Will you give me a chance to be your best friend?"
"Boys just like to have fun too, and I’m a perfect example. I get so happy when you come to my door that I jump around and beg to go out. I love attention and I love going out to play and explore. Because I’m new here I can be a bit skittish and don’t like being startled, but I know that’s just temporary. I can’t wait to settle into my forever home so I won’t have to worry about that any more. I bet your home is just perfect!"
"Hi everyone! I enjoy showing everyone my smile! I enjoy being out and about on a nice day. I love going on walks to get to know other people around me. I keep getting told that I like to act goofy which of course I do, its fun!"
"I am full of lots and lots of energy and love to play tug-a-war. I am told that I am very smart because I know sit, lay, stay, and leave it. I am a bit scared of strangers so the commands might not register as quickly but once we get to know one another and get each other’s vibes I’m sure we will be playing and jiving."
"I am a cute little guy who has been around just a few years, enough to be past the puppy stage. If I seem shy at first, let me assure you that I warm up very quickly. I kind of liked being held up in the air so they could take a nice photo for you to see. If you adopt me, I promise to be your very best friend forever."
"I might try to sit right in front of a person. It’s not that I’m shy, though I am just a little, especially around men. It’s that I love being close to people and leaning against them. But look at that smile – I am a happy boy. I like being out in nature, and I love treats. I sit nicely for them. I would also love getting a forever home, and I would love meeting you and convincing you that I am the right dog for you."
"I am a slightly shy and gentle little gal. I’m actually from Houston and was brought to ADL due to Hurricane Harvey. I found a home but it didn’t work out so now I am looking again. I had some trouble with my eyes and as you see, I don’t have them any more. I am busy readjusting and doing a lot of practice using my excellent sense of smell as a replacement. I would love to go on short walks with you and explore our world with my nose and ears, but mostly my nose. I would fit in wonderfully in a quiet home where I can take naps and relax. Maybe I can relax with you?"
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"Hello! I am the curious Sadie! I like to check out everything going on around me. I am gentle older lady and have excellent leash walking manners. I like to relax most of the day but just because I’m a senior doesn’t mean that I don’t know how to have fun! I love playtime and being outdoors. I like to play with toys and I really enjoy splashing around in the kiddie pool! All I want is to be around people and I would especially love to be around you. Please visit me so that I can show you how wonderful I am!"
"Hi, I’m Brutus! I am a sweet and happy boy! My hobbies include running and playing with everything! I am looking for a forever home with a yard so that I can spend time being energetic with my human. I think I might be too energetic for small children, so if kids are in the home, I would prefer to be around older children. I also request a meeting with all potential dog siblings to see how well we get along. Yes, sometimes I am picky with who my canine friends are. Hmm..let’s see….what else? Oh! I have an issue with my back, so sometimes I will need to avoid climbing stairs. Overall, I’m a fun dog to have around! Maybe I can bring fun to you home?"
"I am a slow and quiet old man whose mouth lives up to my name. I do have some teeth left as you can see from my photo. I love to go for walks and I also love being held. I happen to think a slow and quiet old man is a great thing to be. I hope you agree with me and come to visit me soon. Feel free to give me a new name if you take me home."
"I am really shy and rather quiet. I prefer the quiet and calm more than anything. I feel much happier when I can be in a quiet area just relaxing and enjoying my surroundings especially in my play yard, feel much better when it’s just me and another human but of course, I would much rather be in a forever home of my own. I promise though if you give me a shot we will be the best of pals. I am, undergoing heartworm treatment, but the nice people at ADL promise that the heartworms will go away."
"I love to smile and really enjoy treats! I feel so happy when I receive a treat, makes me feel so loved. I will even sit for a treat if you ask me to sit. I can take a bit to warm up to you because I am rather shy but once you and I start hanging, you will see all my love!"
"I am living proof that you can indeed teach an old – or let’s say middle-aged – dog new tricks. I’m 7, and I’m learning to be quiet. I used to be noisy, but now every time I’m told to be quiet and I am, I get a treat! What could be better than that? Well, getting a forever home would be, for sure. I’m a nice, friendly girl and would make a wonderful companion, as long as I’m an only dog."
"Hi, I’m Harrington! I’m like a big Benji with my scruffy coat. I will need a moment to warm up to someone because I’m a little bashful. I have to admit that I’m not into hugging. I prefer to just hang out next to my person rather than cuddle. I’ve been told that I have great leash walking manners. I’m looking for a calm home, preferably with older considerate kiddos that understand that I’m not into hugging. I hope that I can find a home soon where I can take it easy."
"As you can see, I have more than a bit of golden retriever in me, which means I am happy, outgoing and friendly. I know how to sit for treats and love to be out and around to visit with people. In fact, I get so excited that I whine and yip because I just can’t hold it in. It’s very cute and funny. You should come visit and see for yourself. And then maybe you’ll decide to take me home."
Oliver Twist
"I’m a big, active boy who loves other dogs and also gets along well with older kids. I would really like to go to a home where there are other dogs for me to play with, because dogs and toys bring me great joy. And treats – I really like treats. I can be noisy when I’m cooped up in my kennel, because I’m not used to this lifestyle, so the folks here give me treats when I’m being quiet. But, being named what I’m named, what do you think I say when I get treats? You guessed it: 'Please, sir, I want some more.'"
Sashi Marie
"Don’t you think I’m beautiful? There is so much of me to love, and I have so much love to give! I’m on a weight-loss journey, as they like to say here, but even when I reach the end of it, I won’t have lost any of that love – it will just be concentrated in a smaller package. I am full of sweetness, and hugs are my specialty. Sniffing around while on walks is lots of fun. I’m not supposed to have treats, but I will sit on command anyway. Wouldn’t it be great to help me go from full-figured to petite?"
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"Some of us just need someone to let us know that everything will be okay. I’m one of those dogs. I’m a shy girl and I’m especially camera shy. I’m hoping that I can find someone who will be willing to let me warm up to them and be their buddy. Is their room in your heart for a shy sweet dog like me? I hope so! Please give me a chance to be your friend."
"As you can see from my photo, I can be a little bit shy. Can you blame me? Everything is new and strange, and now they are pointing a black thing at me. When I feel calm and trusting, I enjoy walks or to snuggle with someone in a nice sunny spot. You know what is true about we shy dogs? Once we are in a family we trust, we really blossom and become very loyal."
"I so much want a normal life. I grew up as one of many dogs kept in a hoarding situation, never knowing the love of a person who cared about me as an individual dog. In fact, I’m a second-generation resident of that place. So here I am now, yearning for a forever home. Since I’ve always been around other dogs, I would like some canine companionship, and I should have several visits to a potential home to make sure I will be happy there, but I will try my hardest to make it worth the effort."
"You could almost call me Groucho – not because I’m grouchy, which I’m definitely not – but because I have a Groucho eyebrow. But since I have just one, Madison will do just fine. I adore being around people and love having fun, whether it’s playing with my toys or running around with my humans. I might be deaf or hard of hearing, but nothing stops me from satisfying all my curiosity, and it does appear that I respond to at least some noises. Whatever, it doesn’t bother me so I hope it doesn’t bother you."
"I’m a very active boy and you won’t see me stay still for long. I like playing, and I enjoy dogs and kids over 12. I do have a problem with a disc in my back and that means I shouldn’t play rough or jump from high surfaces. But so far I haven’t had any trouble, and I plan to keep it that way. I would love to go home with you and be spoiled and loved."
"I’m trying my best to not be so shy around people but can you blame me? I was found roaming a neighborhood with nowhere to go and was brought here to look for a home. I’m looking forward to the day I find that special person for me, so that I can have a nice home where I can relax with them. I’m sure within time, I’ll learn to break out of my shell and show my true self. Will you give me a chance to get to know you and be your best friend?"

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