25 Adoptable Dogs that Are in the Market for a New Home 

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The Animal Defense League of Texas, a no-kill shelter located 11300 Nacogdoches Road, has several dogs that are currently looking for a forever home. Check out the dogs that are currently available and just try saying no to adopting one of these cuties. It's basically impossible. All photos are courtesy of the Animal Defense League of Texas.
OF 25
"You know what I absolutely love about people? Their laps! Bring me around a group of your buddies, and I’ll make it my mission to try out every lap. I just want to make sure that everyone feels loved. I get along well with dogs, kiddos, and just about everyone! If you’re okay with 40 pounds of a loving cuddle bug lounging on your lap while you watch your favorite TV show, then I’ll be perfect for you!"
"I’m such a happy girl, just look at my beautiful smile! I have lots to be happy about, thanks to the ADL hospital staff, I am a cancer survivor! Now I can playfully romp around, play with my toys, and be my energetic self. Now I just need to find my forever home! I’m the type of gal that will greet you with lots of hugs. If you think you can handle 68 pounds of my happy self giving you hugs and attention, then I think you should visit me! I like children, but I may be a bit strong and energetic for the small kiddos. For this reason, it’s preferable that I live with children that are 12 years old or older. Have a dog friend for me? I’d love to meet them before we move in together. Please bring them by the shelter so that we can see how well we get along. Overall, I’d make a loyal companion to my forever person, and I hope that person can be you."
"Look at how handsome I am! I’m a young guy, and I think there’s still puppy in me with how energetic I am. I can’t help but feel so much joy when I’m out for a walk. So if you take me for a walk, be ready to hold on tight! I’m sure that I can eventually learn to be more calm on the leash. Right now, I’m just so happy to be out of my kennel and it shows. Sometimes I can be selective with who my dog friends are, so If you have a furry friend for me, it’s best that I meet them first. I will fit in great with an active family and will bring so much joy to a home. If you’re looking for an outgoing furry friend, then please visit me!"
"I may be a bit scared, but I’m not really shy. It’s obvious I like people, but I’m just a little hesitant because I’m not sure about my surroundings. I’ve definitely been a good friend to children – and as soon as I see some around the grounds, my ears perk up and I look happy. I also like dogs and I wag my tail when I see them. Someone has gone to the trouble to train me well. I walk nicely on the leash and I know the sit, stay and fetch commands. I’d love to learn more, and it appears I’m smart enough to do it. Treats help, hint hint. I’m all ready to move right in and start our new life together."
"Do I look worried? I am, but just a little bit. I’m pretty friendly, but I’m also a bit uncertain, so you might hear a little rumble in my throat if I see something unfamiliar while I’m gently wagging my tail at you. You have to be on your guard when you’re a stray, and it takes a while to decide everything is OK. I’ve been told I have interesting markings – not just black and tan, but black and tan with speckles! I hear there’s another dog here with similar markings, but I don’t think she’s related. Anyway, I’d love to start my new life as soon as possible, so please hurry."
"I’m just a puppy and I’m very scared, so please don’t expect much of me right away. I like to play alone, and I bet I would enjoy playing with a person once I got familiar with one, but it might take a while to get to that point. I need someone who is patient and gentle, who will give me the time to come out of my shell, and I’m sure you will be rewarded with a faithful, loving friend."
"I’m an active and bright gal who is keen on keeping busy. I’ll be your companion whether you like to walk or jog. I am quite friendly however I like to be slow and respectful when I meet new people. Let’s become best friends and stay healthy together!"
"My personality has many attributes stewed into one fun dog! First of all, I’m active and will keep you on your toes. I’d make the perfect companion for the outdoorsy type of person. Us Catahoula dogs are known for being highly intelligent and energetic. I’d like to think I carry both of those traits. I’m always excited to see people and enjoy attention. When I’m around other canines, I can be selective with who my dog friends are. For that reason, it would be best if I could meet my possible future sibling(s) before moving in with them. Visit me if you think my goofy-self can fit in with your active lifestyle."
"I’m a very active boy and you won’t see me stay still for long. I like playing, and I enjoy dogs and kids over 12. I do have a problem with a disc in my back and that means I shouldn’t play rough or jump from high surfaces. But so far I haven’t had any trouble, and I plan to keep it that way. I would love to go home with you and be spoiled and loved."
"I’ve had a pretty rough start in life. All I know is I was left at a boarding kennel and when my parents didn’t come to get me, the kennel called them and they said they didn’t want me any more. The kennel said I was friendly and playful when they brought me here to find a new family, but now I don’t know who to trust. I’ll eventually start to warm up to people that I know and see often. I’m good with the people who have been taking care of me, and I’m even learning commands. I know that if I’m given time to learn to trust, I’ll be a loving, loyal dog."
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"Don’t I have a great smile? I sometimes flash this happy smile at people. I’m a good boy with a calm personality. I enjoy relaxing and taking slow walks in the park. ADL treated me for heartworms and I’m doing a lot better now. However, I need to take it easy because I have heart issues but this won’t stop me from being a good dog to you. I’ll be perfect for someone who is looking for an easy-going companion to be a couch potato with. I’m looking for that special person who will give a sweet dog like me a chance at living in a forever home that I can call my own."
"You think I’m “interesting-looking” now, you should have seen me before! I lived with a cleft palate for two years. That means there was no division between the roof of my mouth and my nose – it was kind of all one part, so my tongue stuck out my nose on one side and I had just one nostril. Luckily I was able to eat and breathe all right, but it wasn’t pretty. Then the vet here did amazing surgery, and now I have two nostrils and my tongue is in the right place. I’m as happy as I can be, spreading joy to everyone, practicing my kisses constantly and ready to start my new life as a normal dog. Wouldn’t you like to be part of that?"
"I must take my name seriously. Hera was the Greek goddess of marriage and childbirth, and when you visit me you will see that not long ago, before I arrived here, I had a litter of puppies. I bet I was a good mother to them, because I am a sweet, caring girl. I love for people to come to my kennel, and I’m a big fan of walks. I like getting exercise, or really doing anything that involves spending time with you. I would really love to go home with you and be your forever dog."
"I’m a large dog that looks imposing, but I’m really just a big baby. Apparently I was a stray for quite a while, so I’m pretty skinny and very cautious at first around people I don’t know. I’m not mean – in fact, I’m very sweet once I’ve gotten to know you a bit – I’m just afraid. See that bump on the top of my head? A lot of labs and some other dogs have that – it’s just part of a bone, but some people think it means we’re extra-smart. I’ll claim that, because after being out on the streets, I really want a home where I can be taken care of and loved and I don’t have to be afraid any more. Don’t you think that’s being smart?"
"You’ve heard the expression “his bark is worse than his bite.” I’m sort of like that – except that I don’t have a bite at all, just an impressive bark for a dog my size. Oh, and a lovely smile. I get along with just about everyone – dogs, playful cats, and kids as long as they’re older than about 8. I haven’t had any experience with younger ones. I walk pretty well on the leash, but I have lots of energy and need some space to run around on my own too. I sure would like to talk with you about settling in with you. I think we could be happy together."
"I’m a bit (OK, a lot) large for a lap dog, but I do love to cuddle. I just try to find ways to do it without crushing you. I have a quiet temperament, but I’m not shy. I’ll happily come out to greet you. I prefer not to share a house with other dogs and cats, but I don’t show any aggression toward the ones I see here at the shelter. It must be my gentle nature at work. I do enjoy children. I especially enjoy a forever home, and I’m looking forward to going back to having one again."
"Yes, I have an unusual look in my right eye. Yes, it works as well as the brown one. I’m part Catahoula, and some of us have what’s known as a “cracked eye.” Others of us have a “glass eye.” Of course none of them are made of glass or are cracked. A glass eye is what they call a blue eye, and a cracked eye is one that is part blue and part brown. It’s just part of being a Catahoula, like my beautiful brindle coat. I think it makes me special, along with my active personality, my love for other dogs and kids, my outstanding leash skills and my ability to sit for a treat. Wouldn’t you love a special dog in your life?"
"You see this smile of mine? That’s pretty much the first thing I’ll do when I see you, I’ll flash you a big ol’ smile that’s sure to make you smile too! I’m an energy packed big boy with a big heart full of affection! I’m always so excited to go for a walk and it surely shows. If you have a dog friend for me, I’d like to meet them first to find out if we can be buddies. If you want a fun dog to be silly and active with, then I’m your guy!">
"When you think about a loving retriever, I hope the image you see is me! I’m a little shy when I first meet new people, but give me some time and I will show you how nice I am. When we go for walks and meet other dogs, I’ll be on my best behavior. I came to the shelter with something called heartworms, but the ADL staff said that they’ll take care of that even after you adopt me! Maybe you have space in your place for a pooch like me?">
"My ear always looks like it’s flapping in the wind. With one ear up and one ear down, it certainly gives me a unique look. I get lots of attention for it and I love attention. I love it so much that I would prefer to live in a home where I’m the only furbaby so that I can have all the attention on me. I am always ready to play and smile for you! If you’re looking for an active, playful and happy dog, then please visit me!"
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"I’m a herding dog, so you know what that means – I like to herd! I might herd a group of people, or dogs, or toys – if it’s there, I’ll herd it. If there’s nothing to herd, I’m just as happy playing. I have lots of energy, and dogs like me are smart, so keeping busy is important in my life. If you’re active and like to keep busy too, I say let’s keep busy together, OK?"
"Like the song goes, whatever Lola wants, Lola gets… at least I hope so. Because this Lola wants a forever home, preferably one with lots of treats. I do love treats, and I’ll even do a beautiful sit for one even though I act like I don’t know what you mean if you ask me to sit and you don’t show me a treat. That’s called dog smarts. When you first meet me I might seem a little boisterous but that’s just because I’m excited to meet you. Once I settle down, I’m well behaved and can show you what a wonderful member of the family I can be."
"I have such a great smile in this photo that you would never think that I’m a shy girl. I will need some time to get to know you first before I feel comfortable. I have broken out of my shell with some people here at ADL. Just look at my happy smile in this photo! I was smiling because I was being taken out for a walk. I like quiet time, car rides, toys and splashing around in water. I’m also very smart! I know the sit, down, and crawl commands. I even know how to give out high fives! I’m looking for a patient person who will love me for who I am, just be gentle with me and I’ll be sweet to you."
"OK, so I’m not everyone’s image of feminine beauty or daintiness. Who needs that? I am a strong woman, self-assured and easy-going, even-tempered and laid-back. If I pull on the leash, it’s not because I’m rambunctious, it’s just that I think that’s where you want to go. Let me know I’m wrong and I’ll go another way. I always mean well. You’ll know because my tail wags slowly all the time. I just sort of lumber along, enjoying life at a slow pace. I’m not fond of dogs or cats, so I’d like to be the only pet, but I do like kids and am very gentle with them. If you’re looking for a calming presence in your life, take a look at me."
"Yes, I have two eyes! I’m just so scruffy that only one eye was able to peer out from beneath my furry eyebrow in this photo. I was also having difficulty looking directly at the camera because I’m so very camera shy. However, I’m not only just camera shy, I’m incredibly shy in general. For this reason, I’m going to need a patient and special person in my life who will love me for who I am. I need someone that can spend quality time with me and show me that everything will be okay. Do you think you can be that person for me?"
"You know what I absolutely love about people? Their laps! Bring me around a group of your buddies, and I’ll make it my mission to try out every lap. I just want to make sure that everyone feels loved. I get along well with dogs, kiddos, and just about everyone! If you’re okay with 40 pounds of a loving cuddle bug lounging on your lap while you watch your favorite TV show, then I’ll be perfect for you!"

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