25 Adoptable Dogs That Would Love to Be Your Next Roommate 

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At the Current, we're here to give you the facts. And the fact is, furry friends make the best friends. Trust us, it's science. Much like people, dogs can have lots of different personalities — some of them playful, some shy, some are confident, and some just need a little extra love. Here's 25 adoptable dogs you can currently find at the Animal Defense League of Texas, a no-kill shelter located 11300 Nacogdoches Road. All photos from the Animal Defense League of Texas.
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"I haven’t tried singing while I’m here, so no one knows if Aria is an appropriate name for me. But even if I don’t have a sweet voice I do have a sweet personality, and that’s what really counts. I’m eager to make friends and love going for walks. I love spending time being close to the people I love. Wouldn’t it be nice if that were you?"
"HELLO! I’m Barney, don’t be frightened by my hops, I just really enjoy getting to know new people. I can be a bit mouthy at times but with good discipline that can change. I love to play, run around, and have fun! Would love to get to know you! Why not come and get to know me?"
"Despite all she has been through due to sheer negligence, Buttermilk might just be the happiest tripod you get to meet! Even though all the pain and suffering Buttermilk had to endure may make us want to cry, her always, always wagging tail and big grin never fail to make us smile. Keep smiling, Buttermilk. You deserve it!"
"Hello there! I am Champ! Why do they call me Champ? Well let’s see…I’m a champ at walking wonderfully on the leash, I’m a champ at being super sweet, I’m also a champ at being a gentleman! I like to stop and smell the roses and I’d rather spend most of my time lounging in the cool AC with my person. I believe I will make a lovely furry friend! Now I just need to find that special person for me. Is it possible that you could be that special person for me?"
"These aren’t sad eyes – they’re just basset eyes! I’m really a very happy girl, especially now that the eight puppies I was nursing when I came here are being well cared for without my help. Being a mama dog is hard work! Now I can enjoy going for walks and indulging my curious nose with all the smells I can inhale. I’m mostly calm, but I do have a zest for life that is unmistakable. I’m pretty thin right now, but solving that problem is fun. I’m ready to start my postpartum life right now, and I hope it can be with you!"
"I’m very unsure about being here. I know that being here is better than living on the streets as a stray. I absolutely adore the people who feed and take care of me but for anyone else just forget about it. I’m just a scared boy living in the shelter world. Go slow with me and gain my trust. Once you do, I will become the most loyal and loving dog ever. Come take a chance on a shy boy like me today because shy dogs love the best!"
"Hi, I’m Cody! I’m an oldie but a goodie! I take things easy in life. I enjoy going for strolls in the park, but what I enjoy most is being near people. I also get so excited over treats, I will show you that I can sit and shake your hand for a yummy morsel! I’m ready to be a charming furry friend to you. All that I ask is to be loved and I’ll love you right back!"
"I may look like a perky little guy, but I’m actually a very holdable dog with an even temper and a quiet way about me. I enjoy being close, and since I’m missing a leg I’m even lighter than I would otherwise be, which isn’t much anyway. I’d love to be your easygoing pal. All we need to do is meet and agree."
"I’m named after the Norse goddess of love and beauty – of course! She rode in a chariot driven by two cats. That’ll show ‘em that dogs rule! I am very friendly, active, wiggly and kissy. Once I settle down, I enjoy being held too. You know what’s fun? Rolling in the grass! You know what’s even more fun? Having a forever home!"
"Do you like to Mambo? You don’t have to do the dance to love the dog with that name – me! I’m a very friendly dog, eager to make friends with everyone I meet. But friendly doesn’t mean rambunctious. I’m very well-mannered and gentle, from how nicely I walk on the leash to how delicately I place my paws on your legs to greet you. I would love to come live with you and share my life with you. I think we would be very happy together."
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"I am a couch potato and proud of it. What’s not to love? Cuddling in my blankets and giving kisses to my humans are my favorite things to do. These low-key activities are just what the doctor ordered – literally. You see, I have some compressed discs in my back, and to prevent any disc herniation the vet says I shouldn’t have any rough play or jumping. That’s fine with me. I’ll just keep on cuddling and potatoing. Would you like to join me? I sure would like that."
"I’ve been here for over 4 months looking for a home and haven’t found one yet. I think people should give me a chance and find out how fun I can be! One fun fact about me is that I love to cuddle and I’m completely fine if you want to carry or hug me! I also do this cute thing when you have a treat for me, I’ll stand up on my hind legs and “reach for the stars”. I’m playful, friendly and I get along with all humans. As for dogs, I mostly get along with male dogs. I’ve actually become good buddies with another dog named Bastian but he has already found his home, now it’s my turn! I also enjoy splashing around in water and chasing cats. I’ve been told I have interesting markings – not just black and tan, but black and tan with speckles! Anyway, I’d love to start my new life with you as soon as possible, so please hurry!"
"I’m a saucy girl who is afraid of new people. That doesn’t mean I won’t make a great addition to a family, I just need to get to know you first. I am a bit picky about the dogs I like so if you have one at home, please bring the dog with you so we can meet. Please take a chance on me and come see me today!"
"I’m a fun and lovable bouncy meatball! I’m always so wiggly around people because I get excited and crave attention! I’d fit in great with a family with kiddos but as for other dogs, I’d prefer to meet future dog siblings before we decide to make it official. Well, what are you waiting for? Visit me and let’s be goofy together!"
"Hi everyone, I am Hula, I love to move and dance around with others that’s just who I am! This causes me to be jumpy and run around but I can be a very calm once I get to be near you for a second or two. Don’t worry we can take it all one step at a time and both learn each others moves. Come visit me, I would love to groove the day away with you!"
"I’m the doll you’ve been dreaming of. I can’t wait to go home and be a part of your family. Please know I like my toys, my snuggles, and plenty of butt scratching and belly rubbing. Let’s go home today and take some selfies!"
"Hi, I’m Chevron! As you can see, I’m a stumpy bulky young man. People say I’m like a piggy because I snort a lot. But us bulldogs can’t help that! I am eager to find a home where I can be spoiled and be the only furbaby. Please consider meeting me soon! You can adopt me now for $175."
"With a name like Thunder, you would think I’m ready to conquer the world with my mighty strength and thunderous personality. I’m actually a little timid around high energy dogs. I’m also shy around children that I’m unfamiliar with, but I can learn to warm up to them. As for Cats, if I see one of those furballs around, I will have an instinct to chase them. Overall, I’m a jolly and friendly dog around people. I do have hip dysplasia, so I’ll need to take it easy. Thanks to ADL’s certified dog trainer, I’m clicker trained! I think you should meet me in person to see what tricks I can do, and let’s find out if I can become your loyal companion!"
"My ear always looks like it’s flapping in the wind. With one ear up and one ear down, it certainly gives me a unique look. I get lots of attention for it and I love attention. I love it so much that I would prefer to live in a home where I’m the only furbaby so that I can have all the attention on me. I am always ready to play and smile for you! If you’re looking for an active, playful and happy dog, then please visit me!"
"I can be a great big bundle of love with people I’ve gotten to know and trust, calm and well behaved. I want so much to be a good boy, and I really try as hard as I can. I’m still working on it, but sometimes I get stressed out and I then I get upset. Like sometimes when I’m being handled in certain ways, or someone tries to take food or a toy away from me, I might growl or stiffen. I’m being worked with, and that’s the best thing for me. There are special conditioning techniques to help me with positive reinforcement, and when someone wants to take me home, they’ll learn what to do to help me. I just know that being in a real home with people who love and understand me will make a big difference in my life. Wouldn’t it feel great to know you have been such a help to a dog who just wants to be a good boy?"
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"I like being a Bobby. It’s better than being a stray for sure. I’m really great! Don’t believe me. What if I say I’m really chill and calm? I know you believe me now. Why wouldn’t you? As much as I like being a Bobby at ADL I’d love to be a Bobby in your home!"
"I had lived in one home my whole life until one day, I was surrendered here. This has left me so shy and scared. It doesn’t help that thunder and loud noises scare me. Even though I am scared if you go slow, I will warm up to you. Once I do, you’ll see that I’m very gentle. I would really love to go to a new home soon. Would you come get me today?"
"Hi everybody, I’m Cherrie. I am a well mannered gal ready to get new friends and receive a loving family. I am told that I am very obedient, sweet, and intelligent which makes me extremely happy and even more friendly. I am eager to get to know you over a nice walk around the doggie park!"
"Hello, I am Donald, do you see how calm I am, that’s because I listen and I am very obedient. I do go for the occasional playtime here and there primarily because I want to get to know my surroundings. I listen and wonder as much as I can because I am very curious of the world around me. I unfortunately, have heart worms but I am being treated to endure and be ready here for you! Let’s get to know each other!"
"Don’t I have a great smile? I sometimes flash this happy smile at people. I’m a good boy with a calm personality. I enjoy relaxing and taking slow walks in the park. ADL treated me for heartworms and I’m doing a lot better now. However, I need to take it easy because I have heart issues but this won’t stop me from being a good dog to you. I’ll be perfect for someone who is looking for an easy-going companion to be a couch potato with. I’m looking for that special person who will give a sweet dog like me a chance at living in a forever home that I can call my own. Henry is currently in foster care but is still available for adoption. Please contact us if you’re interested in meeting him."
"I haven’t tried singing while I’m here, so no one knows if Aria is an appropriate name for me. But even if I don’t have a sweet voice I do have a sweet personality, and that’s what really counts. I’m eager to make friends and love going for walks. I love spending time being close to the people I love. Wouldn’t it be nice if that were you?"

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