25 Essential Chinese Restaurants in San Antonio You Should've Tried By Now 

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Whether Chinese fare is your favorite cuisine or you like to indulge every once in a while, these restaurants hold it down with traditional (or at least traditional for American Chinese) dishes that will hit the spot.
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Kungfu Noodle
6733 Bandera Road, Leon Valley, (210) 451-5586, kungfunoodletx.com
The noodles, available in both stretched and thick ribbons, are hand-pulled by a pair of Chinese transplants, hailing from the Anhui province. While the flavors are plenty satisfying, lifting these noodles are half the fun dining her.
Photo via Instagram / s.a.foodie
Sichuan House
3505 Wurzbach Road #102, (210) 509-9999
Sichuan House delivers regional favorites hailing from Sichuan, found in the southwest of China. Go for the handmade dumplings, smashed cucumber salad, tea-smoked duck, or eggplant. Remember to BYOB.
Photo via Instagram / susiethefoodie
Golden Wok
Multiple locations, goldenwoksa.com
Despite having no cooking experience and not being Asian, Connie Andrews achieves her dream of opening a Chinese restaurant in 1972. The first Golden Wok opened that year, and a second four years later (though it closed). A decade later the well-known Wurzbach Road location opened. Today, the two-restaurant operation is known for its take on authentic Asian cuisine and dim sum.
Photo via Instagram / stine.eats
Sichuan Garden
2347 NW Military Hwy, (210) 265-5750, eatsichuan.net
The OG Sichuan spot in SA is still going strong. Try the challenging sliced pig’s ear or duck tongues with jalapeño before retreating to the likes of the (also very good) stir-fried lamb with cumin.
Photo via Instagram / j.a.flora
April’s Chinese
2030 S Alamo St, (210) 223-7335, aprilschineserestaurant.com
While Southtown may be filled with plenty of trendy restaurants, it’s also home to one no-frills Chinese restaurant. Visible from the highway, this Alamo Street outpost has a solid variety of American-Chinese standards such as orange chicken and kung pao chicken. The space may be small, but the flavors more than make up for that.
Photo via Instagram / lonestarfoodie
Tang Street
16111 San Pedro Ave, (210) 490-1788, tangst.com
This outpost serves unique northeastern Chinese fare, executed simply but exceptionally. Adventurous diners should look out for sauerkraut braised pork intestine and a cucumber needle mushroom dish.
Photo via Instagram / sanantoniolovelist
Formosa Garden
1011 NE Interstate 410 Loop, (210) 828-9988, formosagardensa.com
Get it delivered or dine in, either way you’ll be eating good here. The restaurant offers all the traditional Chinese fare you expect at such joints, as well as hibachi-style meats, sushi and seafood. If you’d like, you can even grab a seat at the bar and enjoy a glass of Asian wine, sake or a beer with your meal.
Photo via Instagram / sanantoniomunchies
Ming’s Noodle Bar
5253 McCullough Ave, (210) 564-9349, mingsthing.com
Along with sister restaurant Ming’s Thing, this noodle bar keeps patrons happy with its eclectic mix of noodle bowls. Each bowl is jam-packed with eclectic flavors, ensuring that there’s something for everyone. Brought to you by Chef Ming Qian, you’ll also be able to find other tasty dishes like the Asian chicken fajita steamed bun.
Photo via Instagram / eat_it_b
Lucky Noodle
8525 Blanco Road, (210) 267-9717
When compared to its predecessor off Bandera Road, Lucky Noodle features more than 1,500 square feet of seating and an open kitchen area — so you can watch the noodles being pulled and stretched. Consider it dinner and a show.
Photo via Instagram / eatswithtrang
Ding How Restaurant
4531 Northwest Loop 410, (210) 340-7944, dinghowsa.com
Recognizable as the restaurant on stilts, Ding How has been a San Antonio institution since 1983. Complete with traditional decor, the restaurant is dependable with its lunch specials and menu full of Chinese classics like sesame chicken and Mongolian beef.
Photo via Instagram / sprinkleoftexas
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Phoenix Chinese Cafe
11821 West Ave, (210) 525-1961, phoenixcafesa.com
Head to West Avenue and you’ll be able to score goodies from a wide array of traditional Chinese dishes, plus a selection of dim sum. The family-run eatery offers generous lunch and dinner specials so you can have a feast, and thank goodness for that.
Photo via Instagram / jesselizarraras
Peng's Chinatown Chinese
3211 Wurzbach Road, (210) 681-2345
After a busy day of shopping at Ingram Park Mall (or whatever happens there), recharge with a hearty dish of Chinese grub. Large portions of traditional American takes on the cuisine await you, so bring your appetite.
Photo via Instagram / do210
1010 S Flores St, Suite 111, (210) 481-4884, bambooeats.com
Whether you choose to dine in, order takeout or get your meal delivered, this Asian diner will have all your favorites for you to munch on. Made with fresh ingredients, these dishes use fresh ingredients to ensure quality flavors. Perhaps best of all, there’s a bar (plus happy hour specials) so you can get boozy with your meal.
Photo via Instagram / sacurrent
Wok This Way
2411 NE Interstate 410 Loop #102, (210) 657-6666, wok-this-way.com
With modern decor inside, Wok This Way entices diners with classic Chinese dishes, which you can totally customize or go the contemporary route if you’d like. And like most places, you’ll be able to choose whether to dine in, take out or get it delivered and enjoy your meal that’s made fresh when you order.
Photo via Yelp / Matt C.
Vietnam Gardens
5433 Blanco Road, (210) 377-1989, vietnamgardens.com
Don’t let the name fool you here. Though it may be called “Vietnam Gardens,” this spot also serves a sizable selection of Chinese dishes – as well as vegetarian options if that’s what you’re looking for. Plus, the restaurant is BYOB, whether you want to bring that Asian wine you searched for or just a pack of beer.
Photo via Instagram / 3smy_
Royal Inn Oriental Cuisine
5440 Babcock Road, (210) 691-0602
Located not too far from the Medical Center, Royal Inn offers a wide selection of Chinese classics for you to enjoy. No matter if you’re in the mood for savory or spicy, this spot will likely be a go-to whenever you’re in the mood for something delicious.
Photo via Instagram / eat.food.travel.eat
Red Dragon Chinese
751 N General McMullen Dr, (210) 437-4013, facebook.com
Head to the West Side for these unbeatable bites. Served from a no-frills space, the menu is full of lunch and dinner specials for you to eat big while saving a few bucks. From noodles and fried rice to egg foo yung and all the crunchy appetizers, expect the goods here.
Photo via Yelp / Elijah G.
China Inn
2241 NW Military Hwy, (210) 308-8277
Folks in Castle Hills can rest easy knowing that they have China Inn to feast at when their hunger for Chinese grub strikes. This low-key spot keeps it simple with all of the Chinese dishes you know and love, from sweet & sour chicken to a variety of egg foo yung plates. Be sure to take advantage of the lunch and dinner specials!
Photo via Instagram / s.a.vory
Taste of Asia
300 W Bitters Rd #120, (210) 496-6266
In addition to the Vietnamese options on the menu, this strip-mall joint also has a generous offering of Chinese standards. From chicken and beef varieties to duck specialties, there’s lots of options for you to taste your way through.
Photo via Instagram / edie_101
Singapore Chinese & Indochina Restaurant
445 McCarty Road, (210) 541-0608, singaporechineseindochina.com
Specializing in Pan-Asian fare, you can score Singapore offers a variety of pho, curry and Pad Thai. That’s not to say that there isn’t love for Chinese fare, as the massive menu includes a sizable offering of traditional dishes and specialities alike.
Photo via Instagram / sanantoniostephanie
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Hung Fong Chinese Restaurant
3624 Broadway, (210) 822-9211, hungfongsa.com
As one of the oldest restaurants in San Antonio, Hung Fong has gained lots of fans over the years. While diners stop in for everything from egg foo yung to just a bowl of wonton soup, the restaurant’s sesame chicken is a longtime favorite.
Photo via Instagram / hungfongsa
South Garden Chinese Restaurant
3909 Fredericksburg Road, (210) 738-3388, southgarden.weebly.com
This casual Fredericksburg Road outpost has all the typical Chinese dishes you’re likely in the mood for right now. The good news is that it’s plenty tasty – from the Hunan beef to the egg drop soup. If you’re unsure what to order, the daily specials are a good place to start.
Photo via Instagram / southgardenchinese
China Sun Restaurant
4107 Naco Perrin Blvd, (210) 646-0939, chinasun.biz
Expect all the traditional Chinese dishes at this spot and you won’t be disappointed. With a menu with the likes of moo goo gai pan and lo mein (plus the lunch specials going on until 4 p.m.), there’s something for everyone to enjoy at this family-owned restaurant.
Photo via Instagram / rach_0902
China Star Chinese Restaurant
1647 Babcock Road, (210) 342-2288
Settled in a run-down strip mall alongside a nail salon and sex toy shop, this joint keeps it simple with the classic dishes, available a la carte or part of the lunch or dinner specials. Bonus: if you’re into low-key spots where the lights are chill, this should be on your short list.
Photo via Yelp / Joey P.
Kim Wah Chinese BBQ
7080 Bandera Road, (210) 520-2200, kimwah.com
Head to this strip mall joint for some Chinese barbecue that will definitely make for a memorable meal. The extensive menu also includes vegetarian dishes and bubble tea, so you’re bound to find something you love.
Photo via Yelp / Camille H.
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Kungfu Noodle
6733 Bandera Road, Leon Valley, (210) 451-5586, kungfunoodletx.com
The noodles, available in both stretched and thick ribbons, are hand-pulled by a pair of Chinese transplants, hailing from the Anhui province. While the flavors are plenty satisfying, lifting these noodles are half the fun dining her.
Photo via Instagram / s.a.foodie

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