25 Latina Makers From San Antonio You Should Be Following on Instagram 

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You already knew that Alamo City is a place full of rich artistry and skilled craftsmanship, but did you know you could see it all, and more, on your Instagram feed? We've done some digging, and have come up with this list of 25 Latina Makers from San Antonio who create and share their work right here in the good ol' 2-1-0. With the simple tap of a "follow" button, you too can experience the beautiful, expressive artistry of these creative minds.
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Isabel Ann Castro
Zine creator and print maker, among other things, Isabel Ann Castro’s art can be characterized by strong San Antonio cultura.
Anel Flores
Anel Flores uses words and art to speak for voices that are unheard, focusing on gender inclusivity and identity. Named Women’s Advocate of the Year in 2018, Anel Flores’ heart lies in her words.
Ana Guajardo
Inspired by her love of Mexican culture and and religious symbols, Ana Guajardo uses her skills to create wondrous nail art.
Natasha Hernandez
“Exposing what it is to be a mujer,” St. Sucia is a publication dedicated to sharing stories that others need to hear, concerning being a woman in any way an individual chooses to express it.
Cristina Martinez
Proud of her Mexican heritage, Very That owner Cristina Martinez makes many different types of art and wearables that will make you celebrate too.
Michelle Griego
The creator behind Stinkin Patches, Michelle Griego, is inspired by San Antonio references and pop culture such as superheroes, Hello Kitty, and Harry Potter.
Rebecca and Jackie Gonzales
The Wednesday’s Art, founded by sisters Rebecca and Jackie Gonzales, is a design label that celebrates feminism and Mexican culture. Notably, their vulva designs (keychains, tree ornaments, stickers) are very popular.
Claudia Delfina Cardona and Lauda Valdez
Founded by Claudia Delfina Cardona and Lauda Valdez, Chifladazine is dedicated to creative and underrepresented Latinas and Latinxs everywhere.
Regina Roman
Though the pastel colors and soft art style of Regina Roman seem gentle, the message behind Floja Life is often serious, dealing with her experiences not only as a woman but as a Chicana as well.
Jessica Trevino
Jessica Trevino, though she’s familiar with many artistic styles and medias, blesses her Instagram page mostly with her unique candles and pop-culture inspired illustrations.
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Kayla Matta
Dedicated to all Latinx voices, Kayla Matta’s mission is to unite local artists to share experiences. With the opening of the Pan Dulce Gallery, her mission is more than possible.
Regina Morales
With a raw vintage comic book feel, Regina Morales’ designs can be put on bags, phone cases, and mugs.
Connie R. Chapa
Slightly reminiscent of pin-ups, femininity is central to Connie R. Chappas’s style.
Vanessa Colon
Vanessa Colon’s delicate metalwork often makes it into jewelry as part of ArtMatter’s. Many of the pieces are small and delicate, while others feature stones and other charms.
Sarah Castillo
With an incredible variety of media mastery under her belt, Sarah Castillo’s art often focuses on Chicana and feminist subjects.
Elena Flores
Though based out of Corpus Christi, we couldn’t pass up giving Sew Bonita a shoutout. Check her chingona-inspired works, which our basically our mood board.
Malu Berumen
Through Libélula Leather, Malu Berumen offers up hand-crafted leather goods like bags, purses, belts and more.
Victoria Tijerina
Say hello to charming with Luna Kitty Designs. Also, say hello to sassy. Victoria Tijerina’s necklaces, charms, earrings, and resin crystals have a heavy pastel/galaxy kawaii influence packed with glitter and sometimes humor.
Allysha Farmer
Rich with texture and eye-catching contours, Allysha Farmer’s ceramics are nothing short of wonky. And she likes them that way.
Sabrina Alfaro
A mixed media artist, Sabrina Alfaro’s art is expressive and colorful, often focusing on identity as a Chingona artist - a term which has been reclaimed by the Chingona community to symbolize independence and identity.
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Barbara Minarro
Barbara Minarro, among other things, is famous for her installation named “Between Us” at the Clamp Light Gallery.
Kristy Perez
Rick with texture, pops of color, and abstract subject matter, Kristy Perez works with both sculpture and illustration.
Esther Guajardo
Esther Guajardo’s art, available through Manos Mias, is in multiple medias, including tiles, embroidery and needlepoint, and jewelry, expressing emotion through bright colors and Mexican influence.
Linda Minivans
Linda Minivanz is a local artist who makes some prints and whose jewelry is often made from upcycled items. Catch her work as part of El Puño y la Mano.
Daryan Arcos
Daryan Arcos’ style can be characterized by gloomy color palettes and rich textures. Her surreal art, her dogs, and selfies grace her Instagram page regularly.
Isabel Ann Castro
Zine creator and print maker, among other things, Isabel Ann Castro’s art can be characterized by strong San Antonio cultura.

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