25 San Antonio restaurants you might not know about but should 

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It's easy to fall into patterns. Humans are creatures of habit, plain and simple. We frequent the same neighborhood cafés, order the same dishes and slowly find ourselves accepting our status as dutiful regulars. While there's nothing inherently wrong with our loyalties to local businesses, we gastronomes need to embrace the adventurous epicurean spirit and diversify our palates. After all, variety is the spice of life. With that said, take a look at these perfect spots in San Antonio to stray away from your comfort zone and try something new.
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Beto’s often gets lumped in to the Tex-Mex category, but it’s really more of a Latin restaurant, with complex flavors, plenty of citrus notes and lighter fare overall. The menu is split into four categories–tacos, empanadas, quesadillas and burgers.
8142 Broadway St., (210) 930-9393

Photo via Facebook (Beto's Alt Mex)
Niki's Tokyo Inn
Though Niki's has been in that same spot for at least three decades, San Antonio newbs still don't know about this magical little sushi joint. Get there early and order plenty of appetizers.
819 W Hildebrand Avenue, (210) 736-5471

Photo via Facebook (Dara Maknual)
Fattboy Burgers & Dogs
If you can find a parking space at Fattboy Burgers & Dogs, you'll find a fully customizable burger menu with options that include sesame seed or wheat buns, bacon, cheeses, dressings, BBQ sauce, dill relish, grilled mushrooms or bell peppers.
2345 Vance Jackson Road, (210) 377-3288

Photo via San Antonio Current
In short, Garbanzo is the Mediterranean Chipotle. Fill up your bowl with hummus and addictive pita chips.
11075 Huebner Oaks, (210) 572-4382

Photo via Facebook (Garbanzo Mediterranean Grill - San Antonio)
Halftime Pizza
While the enchilada pizza topped with pico de gillo is a fresh addition to an old favorite, owner David Garcia's hospitality was even more refreshing at Halftime Pizza.
7126 Tezel Road, (210) 521-2990

Photo via San Antonio Current
Cascabel Mexican Patio
Legit breakfast tacos, tortillas so fresh you can taste the nixtamalization and on-point dishes hailing from deep in the heart of Mexico.
1000 S. St. Mary's St., (210) 212-6456

Photo via Facebook (Joey Salinas)
Kung Fu Noodle
There are 12 items on laminated sheets of Day-Glo paper—that's it at Kung Fu Noodle—broken up into three categories. Choose between noodles, dumplings and buns, and ready your facehole for some comfort.
6733 Bandera Road, (210) 451-5586

Photo via San Antonio Current
Malinalli Bakery & Bistro
The fresh-baked breads are essential to the made-to-order sandwiches at Malinalli.
2211 NW Military Hwy #131, (210) 209-3463

Photo via Facebook (Malinalli Bakery & Bistro)
Mina & Dimi's Greek House
You can never have too much moussaka.
7159 W. US Hwy. 90, (210) 674-3464

Photo via Facebook (Mina & Dimi's Greek House)
R&R Café
Rick Bueno is making a success of coming home to a bright but modest cafe on the Southeast side. The "kickass gourmet" at R&R Café includes the the Philly cheese and a mango jalapeño grilled chicken sandwichsteak sandwich.
4241 Clark Avenue, (210) 533-1603

Photo via San Antonio Current
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RO-HO Pork & Bread
If you're not getting down and dirty with these torta ahogadas, you're not living. Chef Jorge Rojo makes just about every sandwich, taco dorado and chilaquil order that comes in.
623 Urban Loop, (210) 800-3487

Photo via Facebook (RO-HO Pork & Bread)
Romelia's Bakery
What sets Romelia's apart from other sweet goods joints is that it doesn't serve usual cakes. Instead, the spotlight is on their signature "Treasures," pecan meringues with assorted fresh fruit like berries and mango atop cream cheese frosting.
11255 Huebner Rd. #110, (210) 437-1073

Photo via Facebook Romelia's Bakery
Taste Crepes
Because they fill a crepe-sized hole in our hearts, that's why. Stop in for fresh-made crepes stuffed with artichokes, ham, cheese or Nutella.
124 Broadway St., (210) 354-3777

Photo via Facebook (Taste Crepes & More Downtown)
Taste of India
Taste of India, nestled in your standard suburban strip center, offers quick service, inexpensive, no-frills Indian cuisine.
5999 De Zavala Road #109, (210) 561-4409

Photo via Yelp (Jennifer M.)
Brown Bag Sandwich Shop
Try the California Cheese at Brown Bag Sandwich Shop, a hole in the wall cafe with lots of character and a home-feel vibe.
11035 Wetmore Road, (210) 490-3915

Photo via Facebook (The Brown Bag Sandwich Shop)
A Dong Restaurant
A-Dongs has an extensive menu. You can't go wrong with a bowl of pho or, really, any dish at all.
8311 Agora Pkwy #106, (210) 566-770

Photo via Facebook (A Dong Restaurant)
Amaya's Cocina
The real reason to get down to Amaya's immediately is their lunch and their ridiculous prices.
1502 E Commerce St., (210) 265-5449

Photo via San Antonio Current
Ever's Café
While the menu features tacos, empanadas (which they're gaining a following for in catering orders) and lunch plates, the specials board is usually too enticing to pass up. The specials board changes daily and most visits to the shop mean chatting with the owner about the menu.
6734 San Pedro Avenue, (210) 826-3030

Photo via Instagram (dbramanheartscmccoy)
Fajita Taco Place
Great for breakfast, lunch, or a 2:30 p.m. horchata pick-me-up, Fajita Taco Place offers simple, respectable food.
4503 De Zavala Road, (210) 493-8878

Photo via Instagram (san_antonio_foodjunkie)
French Sandwiches
French Sandwiches offers simple, classic French, well, sandwiches, of course. They do have a curve ball, though — bánh mì!
8448 Fredericksburg Road, (210) 692-7019

Photo via Facebook (Marina Katalina)
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Papa Nono's Mexican Grill
Coming in strong with a highly unusual name for a Mexican spot, Papa Nono's is a tiny grill serving a huge portion of tortilla soup so tasty it gives Jim's Restaurant a run for its money.
1738 W Hildebrand Avenue, (210) 733-8037

Photo via San Antonio Current
Pizza Classics
Pizza Classics has officially relocated to its new location, but is still serving up the same cheesy goodness to its customers in Tobin Hill.
3440 N. St. Mary's St., (210) 225-3355

Photo via Instagram (San Antonio Current)
Rock San
The restaurant nails the classic dishes and offers some unique fare for when you’re looking for something different.
5238 De Zavala Road #124, (210) 561-0011

Photo via San Antonio Current
Thai Chalurn
Go for the pad thai, but definitely check out the appetizers. Thai Chalum has some of the best spring rolls in town.
4941 Walzem Road #1, (210) 599-6835

Photo via Instagram (safoodie)
Sweet Yams ?
Traditional Southern food is perhaps not the first genre called to mind when seeking a low-fat, vegetarian, or gluten-free meal. Sweet Yams, a new restaurant on the near East Side, works to prove that healthy food can be comfort food, too.
218 N Cherry St., (210) 229-9267

Photo via San Antonio Current
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Beto’s often gets lumped in to the Tex-Mex category, but it’s really more of a Latin restaurant, with complex flavors, plenty of citrus notes and lighter fare overall. The menu is split into four categories–tacos, empanadas, quesadillas and burgers.
8142 Broadway St., (210) 930-9393

Photo via Facebook (Beto's Alt Mex)

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