25 things you have to do before you're a puro San Antonian 

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"Puro" isn't just an adjective, it's a way of life for lots of San Antonians. Whether you're born and bred here or been here long enough that you consider yourself at home in the Alamo City, consider these 25 things that all but guarantee that you're puro AF.
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Camp out at Brackenridge Park for Easter
Think of it as a rite of passage.
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Have a taqueria where they know your order by heart
We all have that go-to taco spot once we reach peak puro.
Photo via Instagram / rogersaurus_mex
Go honking after a Spurs playoff win
We’ll leave the choice of downtown or down Military Drive up to you.
Photo via Pinterest / Ruthann Hildebrand
Survive the two weeks of Fiesta
We’re talking going out AT LEAST every other night and having at least three chicken-on-a-sticks.. And that includes at least two flower crown selfies.
Photo via Facebook / Erik Jon Gustafson
Go bar-hopping down the Strip
The St. Mary’s Strip or the Main Street/gay Strip? Drink your way down either one, or both if you’re a true party animal.
Photo by Erik Jon Gustafon
Lose your chanclas (or your friends/fam) during Fiesta
It happens to the best of us, consider it a shared experience.
Photo via Instagram / haaannnn_23
Wait in a really long line for free swag
If showing up six hours early for the chance to get free stuff is your thing, you might just be puro as heck.
Photo via Instagram / yeah_im_a_texan
Sober up with barbacoa and Big Red
What better way is there to sober up?
Photo by Drew Patterson
Be in traffic on all the major highways
Interstate 35, Interstate 10, Loop 1604, Loop 410, U.S. 281, Highway 90 – traffic at these spots are all terrible in their own way, and you have the right to complain fully once you’ve endured them all.
Photo via Instagram / mrgarycooper
Skip the moving truck and load your stuff the puro way
You honestly can’t get more puro than this.
Photo by Sarah Martinez
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Test out all of the urban legends
The Donkey Lady, La Chupacabra, the ghost tracks – go explore the spooky side of San Antonio.
Photo via Instagram / por_aye_te_wacho
Meet the Coyote
If you have him make an appearance at a family party, then you’re definitely puro AF.
Photo via Instagram / spurscoyote
Pop fireworks days after the 4th of July and/or New Year’s Eve
Is it fireworks or gunshots? The ‘hood may never know.
Photo via Flickr / xpistian
Run into an ex at H-E-B
Where else would you run into people you don’t want to see?
Photo via Twitter / Rjmarquez89
Check out the Christmas lights on the River Walk
Go with a date or go with the fam, this holiday adventure is one that true locals look forward to all year round.
Photo via Instagram / joseangel_siller
Decide whether to go somewhere based on its location in relation to Loop 410
If you never step foot outside of Loop 1604, and especially if you always stay within Loop 410, you're likely puro AF.
Photo via Instagram / jesse0188
Go swimming at the San Pedro Springs Park Pool
While SA has plenty of swimming pools and holes, this one is not to be missed. Taking a dip here is honestly a refreshing experience.
Photo via Instagram / kenyamorales
Take a selfie in front of a Spurs mural
Honestly, you should have a collage of these selfies before you can brag about how puro you are.
Photo via Instagram / rojaymes2813
Appreciate local art at First Friday
From art shows to local vendors, there’s plenty of ways for you to support talent here. And you’ll definitely have a blast doing so.
Photo via Instagram / michelleclairetx
Have this haircut
We’re totally kidding. But if you have this haircut, then you are most definitely from San Antonio.
Photo courtesy of the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office
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Have a go-to raspa order
We’re not just talking about sweet or sour, we’re talking a very specific combination that is completely you.
Photo via Instagram / aaleencox
Call in to work because it’s too cold (or raining too much)
Sometimes, it’s just too cold to function. And if there’s moisture, you already know that we can’t function like that.
Photo via Twitter / amri_perez
Casually run into a Spur – current or retired
Bonus points if it’s one of the Big 3.
Photo via Twitter / HEB
Explore the Mission Reach
Walk, run, bike or even kayak this stretch along the San Antonio River and appreciate the beauty of our city.
Photo via Instagram / art_moreorless
Tailgate and/or go to a UTSA football game
Even if you didn’t attend UTSA, you should definitely make it a point to cheer on the Alamo City’s college team.
Photo via Instagram / utsa
Camp out at Brackenridge Park for Easter
Think of it as a rite of passage.
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