25 Vintage Photos of San Antonio's LGBTQ History 

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With Pride celebrations happening across San Antonio all month long, we decided to look back at the city's LGBTQ history. Older generations lived out and proud, and largely helped make the Alamo City the LGBTQ-friendly city it is today.

Photos courtesy of UTSA Libraries Digital Collections
OF 25
Drag queens of the era were sure to take part in the 1998 Pride Parade, the city's first since 1976.
But actually, lots of folks showed up for the event.
That included lots of talented performers.
The Alamo City Men's Chorale was obviously lots of fun.
The ACMC's performances were always super fun.
The late and great Gene Elder looks absolutely handsome in this undated photo.
The Fiesta block party in 1994 had some revealing entertainment.
There were also plenty of fully-clothed people just having a good time.
Lots of folks in the community celebrated Fiesta in 1995, as you can see in this photo.
Fiesta means taking your shirt off and just having a good time.
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In 1995, Jason Escalante was a student at Lee HS. He was suspended when he refused to take off a t-shirt that read, "Modern Romance, I Prefer Men–Blondes, Brunettes, and Redheads." Thankfully, he won the right to wear clothing with gay-positive slogans on it.
The same goes for taking off most of your clothing.
Here's more Fiesta fun all the way back in '95.
With all the fun times and partying comes real work of making positive changes for the community.
You can thank the San Antonio Equal Right Political Caucus for getting shit done.
Doesn't 1995 Mr. Gay Fiesta Matt Edwards look great?
Don Taylor and Bruce Jarstfer's commitment ceremony in 1995 looked like it was the social event of the season.
Cheers to Pride!
Folks in the community sat together and enjoyed Fiesta events.
Look at that – just people living in the moment, not a cell phone in sight.
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The pride picnic let folks come together and have fun under the sun.
Who wears short shorts?!
This was the fashion look of the season.
We're all friends here!
Just a night of hanging out with the boys.
Drag queens of the era were sure to take part in the 1998 Pride Parade, the city's first since 1976.

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