25 Vintage Photos of the San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo 

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However you feel about the annual tradition of the San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo, you have to admit that it is embedded into the city's culture. From the furry animals to the live entertainment and everything inbetween, here's a look at the rodeo from years past – most notably from the '50s, '60s and '70s.

Photos courtesy of UTSA Libraries Digital Collections
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Remember when Lassie was hot shit and everyone wanted to meet her? Some local kids got to do just that at the rodeo in 1963.
Yep, that's Dolly Parton and Porter Wagoner. They performed at the rodeo in 1970.
What's the rodeo without the rodeo clowns? Not very fun. Here's Jack Kemp (left) and Jimmy Schumacher.
This cow is so Texan even it's wearing a cowboy hat.
Here's the grand champion steer at the inaugural SA Livestock Exposition and Auction in 1950. It was a 950-pound Hereford that sold for $8,550 at $9 per pound.
Half of the fun of the rodeo is all about fashion.
We definitely would have gone up to Lone Star Brewing Company's booth at the 1952 rodeo.
"Now watch me whip..." – this horse, probably
In this 1970 photo, a judge can be seen inspecting cattle.
Remember Rex Allen? Here he is getting a key to a Thunderbird that he used while in SA for his rodeo appearance. That there on the right is Red McCombs giving him the key.
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And here's Rex Allen's noble steed.
Phew, this kid looks spent.
San Antonians loved the carnival even back in 1970.
Sheep-shearing was quite the spectacle in 1953.
This probably made the most beautiful Christmas card in 1961.
Back in 1953, a bunch of kids wrestling cattle with their bare hands and some rope was a normal occurrence.
This is how sheep got judged in 1958.
If you can't tell that this cowboy is fighting hard to hold onto the reins in this 1965 photo, just check out the sweat stain in his pits.
Western wear was a lot more western back in the day.
Lassie and Red McCombs were good friends at the 1963 rodeo.
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This is what a cowboy looked like in 1953. (Not much different.)
Ahead of a competition, these horseback riders filled the arena for the grand entry.
The steer-wrestling competition got the best of this cowboy at the 1964 rodeo.
Jimmy Dean and Betty Johnson were stars of the 1960 rodeo.
Imagine having to be on the grounds just to take this picture. Better be a fast runner!
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Remember when Lassie was hot shit and everyone wanted to meet her? Some local kids got to do just that at the rodeo in 1963.

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