27 Hole-in-the-wall San Antonio Restaurants Where You Can Find Authentic Breakfast Tacos 

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Breakfast tacos are not created equal, let's get that straight. Nope, not even in the self-described taco capital of Texas. While everyone has their favorites, we rounded up some of the best taquerias, Mexican restaurants, cafes y mas that make some dang good tacos to start your morning off right.
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Taqueria Atotonilco
3431 W Commerce St, (210) 227-8090, facebook.com
Located in Prospect Hill, this taqueria serves up tacos packed with flavor. Head on over for some breakfast tacos and you’ll realize that Atotonilco knows what they’re doing.
Photo via Instagram / tacoist
Garcia’s Mexican Food
842 Fredericksburg Rd, (210) 735-4525, facebook.com
Hold the phone – go to Garcia’s right now. This laid-back spot serves up Mexican digs that will straight up change your life. Frequented by locals and visitors who know what’s up, Garcia’s is the place to go for some authentic eats. (Order the brisket taco, y’all.)
Photo via Instagram / sanantoniomunchies
Maria’s Cafe
1105 Nogalitos St, (210) 227-7005
Forget Olive Garden – if you want to be treated like family, go to Maria’s Cafe. This cozy cafe may not be posh, you’ll be satisfied by everything you eat from start to finish. The salsa is just the right amount of spicy, so be sure to pour it on just like you like it to whatever breakfast tacos you choose.
Photo via Instagram / jesselizarraras
Little Taco Factory
1510 McCullough Ave, (210) 227-5657, facebook.com
Little Taco Factory isn’t playing when they say “little.” This tiny hole-in-the-wall might inspire lots of assumptions, but let it be known that it offers a range of Mexican fare that will have you eating your words. That will especially be the case if you opt for the red salsa – it’s seriously delicious.
Photo via Instagram / theminitaco
Mary Lou’s Cafe
4405 McCullough Ave, (210) 396-7909,
If you find yourself in Olmos Park and in need of a few tacos, head on over to Mary Lou’s. From early morning to late at night (except Sundays), you’ll get to enjoy quality tacos at this roomy restaurant. Go for the basic chorizo y papa or opt for something heartier like the chicharron guisado, you can’t go wrong.
Photo via Yelp / Walter S.
Mendez Cafe
201 Bartholomew Ave, (210) 923-6603
This pint-sized cafe might not catch your eye, but the flavors here will likely make you a regular. The neighborhood spot is a favorite among residents in the community, especially due to popular dishes like carne guisada. Warning: you’ll likely have to wait for a table and feel rushed, but isn’t that part of the taqueria experience? If you want homemade food but don’t feel like cooking, look no further.
Photo via Instagram / tacoist
Taqueria Datapoint
4063 Medical Dr, (210) 615-3644
Though a favorite for mini tacos, Taqueria Datapoint also holds it down with its breakfast tacos. Not only can you score all the classic taco combinations you know and love, but you can also order these delicacies all day long (which is a big deal since TD opens early and closes late).
Photo via Instagram / shetastesliketexas
Rolando’s Super Tacos
919 W Hildebrand Ave, (210) 549-5950, facebook.com/RolandosSuperTacos1
Got a big appetite? You’ll need a big-ass taco. Head over to Rolando’s for super tacos that are roughly the size of a plate. You can even get it half-and-half so you can mix-and-match fillings to enjoy. Honestly, why would you go anywhere else if you’re eat well and eat a lot? Oh, and there’s a second location on the South Side if that’s easier for you.
Photo via Instagram / rogersaurus_mex
Taqueria Los Arcos
13777 Nacogdoches Road #103, (210) 599-1822,
This strip-mall joint may be small, but it draws crowds for its solid offerings of breakfast tacos. No really, the fillings are all tasty as heck here. If you find yourself in the neighborhood and in need of dependable tacos, you can trust Los Arcos.
Photo by Ben Olivo
Ruthie’s Mexican Restaurant
11423 West Ave, (210) 308-0253, facebook.com/Ruthies78213
A Blue Plate award-winning restaurant that serves breakfast all day – what more could you want?! Ruthie’s should be on your shortlist of Mexican spots to check out if you haven’t already, even if just for the taco list that has dozens of options. This counter-serve spot is authentic in every way possible, so just order up and enjoy it.
Photo via Instagram / james_powers
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The Original Donut Shop
3307 Fredericksburg Road, (210) 734-5661, facebook.com/theoriginaldonutshop
Drive by this Fredericksburg spot on the weekends and you’ll likely see the drive-thru line pouring out onto the street – and then some. The shop may be named after donuts, but anyone who’s been here knows that the tacos reign supreme. So grab a box of donuts and twice as many tacos – you haven’t lived until you do so.
Photo via Instagram / kann_dice
Oasis Mexican Cafe
210 McCullough Ave, (210) 229-9966
A hidden gem, this neighborhood cafe is definitely worth the drive for its breakfast taco offerings. Stop by to get a taste of delectable fillings like machacado con huevo or chicharon. No matter what you get, you can’t go wrong.
Photo via Instagram / eat_it_b
Losoya's Taqueria
13444 West Ave No100, (210) 495-5999, losoyas.restaurant
When a taqueria is only open for breakfast and lunch, you can expect for the food to be absolutely fire. This laid-back spot offers more than 20 varieties of breakfast tacos, plus nearly 10 types of breakfast burritos, which will hit the spot for when you’re extra hungry.
Photo via Yelp / Lou C.
Natalie's Mexican Cafe
610 Cupples Road, (210) 434-0601, facebook.com
This cafe might be small, but the flavors are big here. A hole-in-the-wall for sure, Natalie’s Mexican Cafe has you covered for breakfast and lunch with a special of two tacos for $1.50. Not all heroes wear capes.
Photo via Instagram / tacoist
Teka Molino
Multiple locations, tekamolino.com
Teka Molino may be known for its puffy tacos, but the San Antonio staple comes through for its breakfast tacos too. Though only served until 11 a.m., you can score delicious morning tacos to start your day off right. A happy panzita makes for a good day, right?
Photo via Instagram / tekamolinosatx
La Barca De Jalisco
606 Steves Ave, (210) 534-3111, facebook.com/Labarcadejal
Not all tacos are created equal – they seriously come in all shapes, sizes and varieties. If you’re into tortillas that aren’t the toastiest, hit up La Barca for those tortillas that are a little bit crudo but oh-so-satisfying. Consider the festive digs the cherry on top of a very authentic dining experience.
Photo via Instagram / talkinthetacos
Regio Cafe
1706 McCullough Ave #2, (210) 226-0038, regiocafetx.com
Drive down McCullough and you’ll pass one of the OG spots – Regio Cafe. This hole-in-the-wall is a tried-and-true go-to for homemade tortillas and breakfast tacos. Whether you dine in or take advantage of the drive-thru, these tacos will always come in clutch.
Photo via Instagram / regiocafe
Lucy’s Cafe (aka I Love Lucy Cafe)
2517 West Ave, (210) 737-7166, facebook.com/lucycafe210
SA has its share of chill ass breakfast spots, and Lucy’s Cafe is among them. Whether you’re part of the 7am crowd or the bunch in the early afternoon, the West Ave. spot has … *interesting* decor that you’ll enjoy seeing as you slam a few tacos (or a breakfast plate) down your gullet.
Photo via Instagram / kimagureorangeroad
Judy's Food To Go
5510 Roosevelt Ave, (210) 627-2707
Whether you’re a proud Southsider or need to make the drive down south, Judy’s should be your go-to whenever you have an antojo for good ass Mexican food. They have the standard selection of tacos that are made with love just like mama makes it.
Photo via Yelp / Cesar R.
El Puesto
901 Division Ave, (210) 932-9277, facebook.com/Puestolatejanita
Though the parking lot can be a pain, El Puesto is worth hitting up for your early morning tacos or weekend brunch. This Division spot is small and a hole-in-a-wall by all means, and has surprisingly satisfying Mexican plates. You’ll likely love the tortillas here, which come out on the large side and are always thick.
Photo via Google Maps
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Rosie’s Cafe
6507 S Flores St, (210) 924-8282
First things first: you know the tacos are A1 when the place is cash only. Funny-but-true-stereotype aside, Rosie’s knows how to make tacos just like your abuela. We’re only being a little bit dramatic when we say Rosie’s might just have the best frijoles in town. Wanna bet? Stop by and taste for yourself.
Photo via Facebook / Luis Villanueva
Lula’s Mexican Cafe
115 E Travis St #104, (210) 472-3300
If you work downtown, you should already trust Lula’s as your spot for breakfast tacos. This welcoming fixture is popular for breakfast and lunch – so basically the whole time it’s open. These breakfast tacos fall under true Tex-Mex fashion, complete with prompt and friendly service.
Photo via Instagram / eldaeats
Chapala Taco House
1363 Austin Hwy, (210) 829-4111, chapalatacohouse.wordpress.com
Festive decorations and pastel colors will let you know that authentic Mexican bites are on their way to your table at Chapala. This Austin Hwy. outpost keeps it real with freshly-made tacos – from classic breakfast options to more decked-out offerings like the Quiero Taco (potato with chile con queso and bacon).
Photo via Instagram / tararulez
2502 Culebra Road, (210) 434-3195, facebook.com
Housed on the city’s West Side, this comes through with breakfast tacos that are not only delicious, but also super cheap! You’ll want to fill bags with tacos, and honestly we don’t blame you. If you see a long line for the drive-thru, don’t drive off. Remember that good things are worth waiting for.
Photo via Instagram / mmartinez1814
Georgia’s Mexican Restaurant
2214 Palo Alto Road, (210) 923-9313
A long-time resident of the Palo Alto/South San area, Georgia’s Mexican Restaurant is your typical spot for classic dishes that are hands-down delicious. The tortillas are spot on and the fillings – whatever you choose – are packed with flavor. Pro tip: order the carne guisada with cheese. You’re welcome.
Photo via Instagram / berryunique77
Taqueria El Chilaquil
1821 W Commerce St, (210) 226-5410, facebook.com/ElChilaquilTaqueria
Open all day long on weekdays, this chill spot will hit the spot whenever you crave tacos y mas that will have you feeling like you’re eating mama’s cooking. Consider the Aztec theme a sign that you’re in the right place.
Photo via Instagram / tristansylvania
Taco La Gardenia
1805 N Pine St, (210) 229-9702, facebook.com/lagardenia.sa
This humble spot offers an array of breakfast tacos that you will instantly love and appreciate. A perfect taqueria to take the family, there’s more than 20 taco options to choose from, so be sure to come back enough that you get to try them all. It’s also part panaderia, so you can have the best of both worlds!
Photo via Instagram / queenoftacostx
Taqueria Atotonilco
3431 W Commerce St, (210) 227-8090, facebook.com
Located in Prospect Hill, this taqueria serves up tacos packed with flavor. Head on over for some breakfast tacos and you’ll realize that Atotonilco knows what they’re doing.
Photo via Instagram / tacoist

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