34 Fiesta Medals That You Need This Year 

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The 125th anniversary of Fiesta San Antonio means this year’s party will be one for the books.  Here are some of our favorite 2016 fiesta medals to get you pumped for the celebrations.
OF 34

The Spurs 2016

How can you call yourself Puro and not have this medal?

UIW Cutting Edge

Celebrate the fashion show UIW puts on with this gorgeous medal.

Eliminate Bullying, Prejudice, Racism 2016

Stand in solidarity with your community.

UTSA 2016

Capture the Roadrunner spirit.

Whataburger 2016

Present this medal while drunk at 3am on a Saturday night at any San Antonio Whataburger and demand a free Honey Butter Chicken Biscuit! (Not official but if it works you can thank us later.)

Kiddie Park

Your kids can rep this medal

Best of San Antonio

Support your favorite free magazine!

San Antonio Humane Society 2016

Show your support of foster pets.

San Antonio Symphony 2016

Class up the joint with this high brow medal.
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Barbacoa y Big Red Loteria Style

SA Flavor's 2015 medal is back for another year. In case you didn't scoop it up then, now's your chance.

Chicken on a Stick

Honor one of the fiesta food groups with this medal. We already have our opinion on it.

Straight Outta Fiesta

It’s pretty reasonable to say this could be a movie worth seeing. There’s certainly plenty of beautiful music and dancing at fiesta to make it happen.

Chris Madrids

Legendary burgers lead to legendary fiesta medals. How about those colors? Our mouths are watering!
"Chris Madrids"/Instagram

210 Local

210 Local really stepped it up with this year’s medal - Coyote has never looked so festive!
"210 Local"/SAFlavor.com

2016 Official Poster Medal

The 2016 Official Poster Medal should definitely top your list of medal must-haves. It shall form the foundation of your 2016 collection.
2016 Official Poster Medal/fiesta-sa.org

Alamo Cafe

Good food AND a medal for eating it? Yes, please. (And we do love queso.)
Alamo Cafe/Facebook

Basura Bash 2016

If you were awesome enough to participate in this year’s Basura Bash, you definitely deserve this medal. Supporting a great cause, this one is SHORE to keep you swimming along the right CURRENT (see what we did there?).
Basura Bash 2016/celebrateexcellence.com

Hear Yourself Think

For the first time, our friends in public radio are showing their full spirit for fiesta.

Battle of Flowers Association

This 2016 Battle of Flowers medal is Texas in a nutshell. Flowers, boots and the lone star flag - this is what the parade is all about!
"Battle of Flowers Association"/fiesta-sa.org
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Busted Sandal Brewing Company

Now this is a spectacular medal.
"Busted Sandal Brewing Company"/Instagram

Pace Foundation

The Linda Pace Foundation is committed to the charitable vision of its founder — and we're committed to this medal.
Courtesy of Pace Foundation Medal

Fiesta Arts Fair

We’re getting some Cheshire Cat vibes from this one. Also a bottle opener!

Get Your Guacamole On

Who’s going to deny a good bowl of guacamole? This is the kind of medal that let’s the waiter know what we’ll be ordering before we even sit down.

Hollywood Park 2016

Good luck finding colors like this anywhere else.

Lucy's Doggy Daycare and Spa

Get your dog a vest and have them wear this medal on it. They'll love it! (They might not love it.)

Mia's Mirror

HEB's fashion boutique is rolling out this gorgeous medal.

Pepper Hates It

Have we found the dog version of Grumpy Cat? Not sure, but Pepper is too cute to ignore.

Rolling Oaks Dental

We’re not sure what this cutie has to do with the dentist, but since all proceeds for this pin go to the San Antonio Humane Society, it’s hard to argue against adding this medal to the collection.
Rolling Oaks Dental/Facebook

SAPD 2016

Want to support the SAPD? Here’s the perfect fiesta medal for the job.
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Save a Hero's Place

Honoring first responders killed in the line of duty, this medal certainly calls for a spot on your vest.

Fiesta Forever

“Fierce” is one way to describe this medal. “Cool”, “beautiful”, and “modern” also come to mind. And that flower crown is next level.
Fiesta Medals By Heart of Texas/Facebook

The Court of Our Mad Mad Mad World

Who wouldn't want this medal?
Courtesy of King Williams Design


You can't ever have too many cornyation medals.
Courtesy of King William Design

The Spurs 2016

How can you call yourself Puro and not have this medal?

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