7 Fan-tastic Pizzas from Gallo Pizzeria to Show Off Your Spurs Spirit 

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Gallo Pizzeria (164 Castroville, (210) 264-0077, gallopizzaria.com) has combined two of the things that San Antonio loves most: pizza and the San Antonio Spurs. The west side joint has a menu that features specialty pies to help you show off your love for the five-time NBA champions, including a pizza that nails Kawhi Leonard's likeness with black olives. Photos courtesy of Gallo Pizzeria.
OF 8
Black olive Spurs logo pizza
Kawhi Leonard specialty face pizza
Go Spurs Go pizza with pepperoni and red and green peppers
The Manu Stromballi with Canadian bacon, bacon, pepperoni, sausage and beef
The Kawhiian pizza with pineapple, mango, Canadian bacon and habanero
Spurs logo pizza with black olives and pepperoni
Go Spurs pizza with black olives and fresh spinach
Black olive Spurs logo pizza