9 Gorgeous Hill Country Airbnb Rentals Perfect for a Quick Getaway 

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Sometimes all you need is to get away. Check out these charming Hill Country Airbnbs for the next time you need to slow down and unwind.
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Breakaway Guest House, Fredericksburg
This contemporary spot is ideal for a quick getaway with friends.
Photos via Josh
The kitchen is tucked away behind the living room to give the home extra space. However, there's stil enough room for friends to get together for a meal.
Hardwood stairs provide an escape from the excitment of the living room.
The home's first bedroom includes a sitting area and a king sized bed. There's also two additional single beds.
Say hello to cozy bathrooms with large, walk in showers and sizable mirrors.
Bedroom #2 comes with a queen size bed perfect for sprawling out.
Evenings can be spent by the fire in this backyard.
Durst Haus, Fredericksburg
This Fredericksburg home is a rustic-lovers dream.
Photos via Kim
This spacious living room is the perfect country hangout for hunters and southern decorators alike.
Marble countertops and stainless steel kitchen appliances will make any chef feel at home.
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This country chic bedroom offers a king side bed for tired guests looking to sleep the day away.
The tall, walk-in showers stand across generous amounts of counter set space.
Imagine heading to this shower after a long, stressful day.
The home's second bedroom provides a more relaxed take on southern living with flowery decorations and subtle woodsy undertones.
Charming Fredericksburg Home
This Airbnb can house up to ten guests within its sizeable living space.
Photos via Vocasa Texas
Kids can spend nights building blanket forts and telling scary stories (when they should be sleeping) within this shared bedroom.
These dual-sink bathrooms are perfect for sharing, but the room's best feature is its lighting. Looking to apply runway worthy makeup? Look no further.
This stylish bedroom is equipped with a king size bed and accessable from the bathroom.
This home offers bookworms a cozy area to delve into their favorite novels. If readers need a break, they can shift the curtains of the reading nook's standing windows to take a peek outside.
A king size bed awaits sleepy guests in the home's third bedroom. Those looking to wake up early can rest easy knowing that the room's window lets in enough sun to rouse even the heaviest of sleepers.
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An entire day can be spent relaxing, cooking and dining in this large room. With so many things taking place in one area, residents don't have to worry about being too far from the action.
This kitchen comes with marble countertops, stainless steel appliances and an abundance of cabinet space.
This expansive outdoor area is both stylish and roomy. Take a break from the indoor experience to enjoy time outdoors.
The Garrett House, Kerrville
This century old home is an artsy getaway excellent for guests in need of a change of scenery.
Photos via Kimberly
This living room adds a splash of color to contemporary living.
This kitchen includes a bar top and wrap around counters ideal for hosting.
A spacious table standing upon hard wood floors is the center piece of the dining room. The table's light brown coloring highlights the soft blues of the walls and bar.
This vibrant room is sure to inspire artists with its colorful decorations.
The home's bathrooms are equipped with standing showers, blue-hued cabinets and wonderful tile work.
The second bedroom invites guests in with an open floor plan and bright decorations. The room is only steps away from the bathroom as well.
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With a firepit, backyard seating and plant-life, outdoor relaxation has never been so accessable.
Plant parents will be pleased to find a cute garden in the backyard.
The Hideaway, Fredericksburg
The Hideaway is the perfect destination for couples seeking to relax and rekindle.
Photos via Michael
This bedroom is accessable from the kitchen and living room.
The home's only bedroom comes with a king size bed comfy enough to cuddle in for hours.
The decorations of the bathroom add a simplistic twist to the home's modern farmhouse vibe.
A fireplace stands at the center of the living room, ready to provide warmth to a couple cozied up on the couch.
Lovers can spend romantic evenings soaking in the Hideaway's hot tub. Brb, booking now.
The Cycling Coop, Fredericksburg
This biking-specific home provides a calm spot for cyclists to unwind.
Photos via Evolve Vacation Rental
The Cycling Coop's living room is teeming with rustic charm. Guests relaxing on the room's comfy couches can view Fredericksburgs hills while those seeking some privacy can ascend a spiral staircase to find an upstairs bedroom.
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The upstairs bedroom offers a break from those below.
This bathroom is furnished with marble countertops and farmhouse-style cabinets.
The second bedroom allows guests to enjoy the scenery while relaxing in bed.
Two bunkbeds allow kids to enjoy time with their siblings or for adults to be reminded of childhoods spent at summer camps.
An island at the center of the kitchen provides extra seating for well-sized families.
This living room comes equipped with bike and helmet racks perfect for Fredericksburg cyclists.
The backyard's best feature (well, besides the view) is its stone firepit.
The Cottage, Fredericksburg
This historic home was remodeled in 2009 but kept its orignal tin roof to presurve its farmhouse charm.
Photos via Michael
A standing fireplace in the middle of the home warms the bathroom.
The living room can be found a short distance away from the bedroom.
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This bedroom's vivid decor adds modern charm to an otherwise country home.
While this bathroom can seem a little tight, the standing shower makes all the difference.
Guests can unwind in this bright, open bathroom. Who said showers were better, anyway?
Josephine House, Fredericksburg
The Josephine House is a super cute option for vacationers.
Photos via Afton
This open living room is adorably decorated with pink pillows, yet the room maintains a mature feel.
The dining room's mint green chairs compliment the color scheme of the home.
This bedroom masterfully combines pink and navy tones to create a cute, yet adult style,
Hungry visitors can enjoy the fridge being only a few steps away from both the first bedroom and living room.
The home's second bedroom has a unique style different from the rest of the house. Its perfect for those who wish to stand out.
Bluebird Farmhouse, Fredericksburg
This farmhouse is equipped with two bedrooms and one bath bursting with decorations that make country living chic.
Photos via Katie & David
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The home comes with a large dining room and an intimate cooking area.
This kitchen makes the past look cute with a style that mixes the modern with the antique.
The living room has a great view of the outdoor area while inviting guests in with a spacious entertainment area.
This bedroom has a hotel vibe to it, but that doesn't make it any less homey. Nothing beats climbing into a clean bed after a long day of sight-seeing.
The bathroom's blue tiling is a unique addition to the home.
Shadowy trees encourage residents to to sit under their long branches to bask in the sunlight and to enjoy a slight breeze.
Visitors can gaze at the sinking sunset from metal rocking chairs as the sun falls below the horizon.
Breakaway Guest House, Fredericksburg
This contemporary spot is ideal for a quick getaway with friends.
Photos via Josh

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