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Best of San Antonio 2010 FAQ

Your fellow San Antonians, dear reader, who voted online at between March 3 and March 30. Don’t like what you see? Watch for next year’s ballot in early March, and vote!

The capsules and mini profiles honoring this year’s winners were written by staff, with the assistance of freelancer E. Bailey (Kiddie Park) and regular Current theater critic Ashley Lindstrom (The Overtime Theater).


Very observant of you! This year, we specified that if you voted for a business with multiple locations (e.g. Barnes & Noble) in a category that didn’t already specify “local,” you had to indicate which location you were voting for in order for that vote to count. We totally believe you when you say you love Bill Miller’s breakfast tacos, but we want to know which Bill Miller’s location serves the best ones. As expected, this leveled the playing field between single-location mom-and-pop shops and chains in several categories (although e.g. Pappadeaux, part of a chain out of Houston, may have benefitted by having only a single shop here, while Sea Island, long dominant in the fried-food category, lost votes because of this). As readers catch on to the new system, and remember to read the instructions, we think it’ll have the intended result across the board: Reward the businesses and restaurants you really love, not just the ones whose names come most readily to mind when you’re two categories away from your 20-vote minimum.


In most cases, it means that more than two winners tied for the second- and/or third-place slots. In a few of those instances, there were four or more winners for a slot, which makes it impractical to list all of them, and dilutes the purpose of a readers’ poll.


SNAFU: A note about the Puffy Taco, Paleta, and family-friendly Fiesta Event categories

These were new categories this year, like Cupcakes and Romantic Restaurant. In the process of setting up the online poll, some digital synapses didn’t get wired, and the tallying system didn’t register the votes for those categories. In place of your wisdom, we humbly submit our prejudices, and the promise to bring back these categories next year.