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Monroe began the script with a central character and structure in mind, but when the time arrived to add other voices to the plot, the writer took a very unconventional approach by inviting more cooks into the kitchen. "I felt I needed other characters, and rather than create them, I decided to invite them." Monroe announced a call for other writers over the Internet, and used those story submissions in the script with minimal editing. Writing by local writers Naomi Shihab Nye, Marian Haddad, and Karen Hanania appear in the show, along with the work of other Arab and Jewish women, including Ibtisam Barakat from Columbia, Missouri, Jamie Cohn from Portland, Oregan, Nathalie Handal from New York, and Anndee Hochman from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Director Latrelle Bright, founder of the Renaissance Guild, and cast members Crystal Bratton, Monessa Esquivel, and Judith Lerma add flavor to the all-female, multi-cultural production. In total, women from five different ethnicities add creative juices to the mix (African-American, Mexican-American, Jewish, Arab (including Palestinian), and Anglo).

Audiences that taste the final artistic results on opening night will also sample a special serving of actual food from the play. This timely play written in reaction to events in the Middle East is sure to feed minds as well. •

Opening night 8pm Saturday, February 8
8pm Friday-Sunday
Through February 16
$12 adults, $9 students, $20 opening night
Jump-Start Theater
108 Blue Star