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A week on the scene


Satan’s Ghostwriter

If it seems like punk-blues trio Boxcar Satan has kept a low profile in recent months, that’s because they have. The band hasn’t played a gig since last November, and has spent the last few months breaking in a new drummer, Aaron Seibert, of the Austin band Gorch Fock.

Boxcar Satan’s calendar is about to get a lot busier, however, beginning with a Saturday, July 30 gig at Beethoven Hall (433 Pereida St.) with Oregon blues-noir singer-songwriter Ghostwriter and former Bad Livers virtuoso Ralph E. White.

Ghostwriter, aka Steve Schecter, is a former Austinite who has been described as a musical Charles Bukowski, and he’s using his SA visit as an opportunity to record a full-length album with Boxcar Satan, a disc that will be a split release from the band’s Dogfinger Records and Ghostwriter’s End of the West label.  


Sound of Silence

If you’re an avid internet-radio listener, you probably noticed that something was askew with your favorite stations on Tuesday, June 26. Tuesday marked a planned “Day of Silence,” in which online broadcasters expressed their disapproval of royalty hikes proposed by the Copyright Royalty Board.

The proposed royalty rates will not only financially cripple most internet broadcasters, they’ll also have the unintentional effect of hurting the ostenstible beneficiaries of the rate hike: up-and-coming bands who depend on internet radio for exposure. This is an issue that demands more discussion, and hopefully the “Day of Silence” will achieve that result.   

— Gilbert Garcia