"Adults" An Exhibition by Ana Hdz-Burwell

When: March 2-4, 7-11 p.m. 2017

Ana HDZ-Burwell artist statement: I paint to better understand myself and world around me. My intent is to look at and portray Millennials as they deal with contemporary situations. The characters in my paintings, which I like to call “adults”, have classical Greek busts as heads with incomplete skeletons as bodies with emphasis on their rib cages and pelvis. The rib cage is where we think we store our feelings – in our hearts – and the pelvis is where our reproductive organs are. The classical busts represent a preconceived image of perfection and are also one of the most copied styles in art; they are supposed to be cool, blank and objective. The “adults” have arms and hands to provide for themselves and express themselves but lack legs and feet because they cannot escape their current situation. I place these “adults” in surreal scenes while giving the scenes aspects of ordinary everyday life. In these pieces I am exploring individual identity with the use of cross-cultural ideas with an emphasis on the exploration of the inner self.

Price: Free