Alejandro Augustine Padilla

When: Sat., May 13, 7-10:30 p.m. 2017

Studio Fantomas — which is located in the creatively bustling complex at 1906 South Flores and has shown some really stellar and strange work over the past couple of years — is the home studio for prolific and provocative artists Alejandro Augustine Padilla and James Supa Medrano. For this Second Saturday, the gallery is unveiling a large collection of new work from Padilla. The exhibit, which is set to stay up through June 4 and is simply entitled “New Work,” finds the versatile painter/sculptor stepping away from the ominous, macabre and finely-detailed, surrealist perfectionism of some of his most successful work. The process-focused work in this show, Padilla reports, “is much more chaotic, no filter, true automatism.” He explained to the Current that his new, more expressionistic, and markedly brighter (in subject and in literal color) approach found him allowing himself the freedom to “fuck up the work” and then “embrace the mistake” and go from there. The resulting pieces are complex and playful at the same time, and never feel over-wrought or unnecessarily refined. Even while approaching big concepts like phobias, masculinity, poverty, and Mithraism (to name a few), this new work from Padilla seems to truly embody the mischievous sense of probing whimsy that is at the heart of the surrealist endeavor.

Price: Free