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Amuse Bouche



The lifesize voodoo doll might have been memorable enough, but Pete Barnstrom made a case for art-show immortality at his Saturday-night reception, which brought the concept home to our stomachs with spicy jambalaya from Bernard’s Creole Kitchen. You can find Bernard’s hearty Creole cooking, from Louisiana by way of Katrina, at 509 Palo Alto at Navajo. Call ahead for hours: (210) 921-1112.

Bernard’s beans and rice put us in mind of one of our favorite lunch specials, Liberty Bar’s Pinto Pig, so we checked in on the new- location/relocation progress. Last time A-B reported on the rumors, owner Dwight Hobart had made an offer on the old Benedictine nunnery in Southtown, where he plans to open either a second location for Mexico-influenced Americana, or move Liberty if the current landlord won’t negotiate a reasonable lease extension.

“`The new location is` gonna happen, but it’s going at a very slow pace,” says Chef Oscar Trejo. He hopes to have it open by this time next year, and in the meantime, they’re still working on keeping the original building, too.

Can we get a sneak peek of the Southtown menu?

“I need to do that,” says Oscar.