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In a city that’s losing cultural landmarks monthly (alas, Esquire), the Bun N Barrel story is a happy one: Longtime owners Courtney Broussard and Carlos Villasana sold the 1950s drive-in landmark to their next-door neighbor and tenant, Tong’s Thai — which added a fresh coat of paint and some new menu items, but essentially kept the beloved barbecue and burger joint intact. And the continuity doesn’t end there, says Dan Villasana, manager and son of the recent owners. His folks and new proprietors Syngman Stevens and Charassri “Nong” Saeng-On will attend the May 3 grand reopening, where current and former employees will celebrate from 11 a.m.-10 p.m. with live music, clowns, and balloons.

In the meantime, you can sample additions such as the Angus burger, which can be fancied up with avocado or portobellos and accompanied by a side of spicy chicken wings. Coke has been replaced by Pepsi beverages, which means San Antonians can wash down their Sliced BBQ Sandwiches with a Big Red. “A lot of people like Big Red with barbecue,” says Villasana. “Somehow those two seem to go together.”

Look for the barrel, missing since roof repairs a few years back, to return soon and check for news.