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In case you, Foodie, can’t tear yourself away from SA’s mushrooming wining/dining options, Contemporary Art Month is coming to you, and ... check it ... you’re already late for the rendezvous! Café Paladar hosted a reception July 7 featuring new works on paper by spiral-mad artist Nemo, but you can always find a little Nemo at San Pedro Springs Gallery (, which doubles as a nice watering hole and snack joint 5-10pm Friday, 6-10pm Saturday, and 2-6pm Sunday. Watch for August 8 “grand opening” details.

Silo Elevated Cuisine’s popular ’09 bar (1133 Austin Highway) is showing off its ’hood with a show by Michael Saul and Jane Digby, opening with a reception 6:30-8pm July 10. Exhibit With a Z takes over theARTCASES at SoHo Wine & Martini Bar (214 W. Crockett), beginning with a cocktail reception 8pm-midnight July 11. The show is presented by Franco Mondini-Ruiz and David Shelton and features Sala Diaz founder Alejandro Diaz, Hector Ruiz, and emerging art star Kristy Perez.

If you’re more SoFlo than SoHo, travel north to The Cove ( Friday for a Hometown Artists’ Rodeo reunion (one of two this month), starring Rodeo Ho Ho, Hills Snyder, Gary Sweeney, and more.