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20Nine Wine Bar is hosting a tasting and bottle-signing of the excellent Ridge Zinfandels this Thursday, 6:30-7:30 p.m., and if you find them as addictive as A-B does, you can buy a retail case for a 10-percent discount. $19 includes appetizers; call (210) 798-WINE to reserve a seat. These are great wines to have on hand for dinner parties, because they’re both friendly and sophisticated, with complex, well-balanced flavors and a really appealing nose.

Thanks to you readers who voted for Best Margarita in the Current’s 2009 Best of San Antonio poll (published April 22, and available all year online at, we have a great starter list for our July 1 Margarita issue, in which we’ll redeem the national drink of Tejas from Touristan’s depredations. Down with machine-made frozen ’ritas! We’ve currently got a thing for the simple, upscale concoctions marketed variously as a Mexican Handshake (Rosario’s) or the Skinny (Paloma Blanca), and consisting of nothing more than fresh-squeezed lime juice, 100-percent agave silver tequila, and either simple syrup or (even better) agave syrup. Please send us your nominees for the short list (plain or fancy, as long as they’re handmade), and we’ll get sippin’. Email, and pronto.