David Shields

When: Fri., May 13, 7-8:30 p.m. 2016

In his decidedly postmodern works, internationally bestselling author David Shields reveals rich and complex layers of psychological and social meaning through a truly unique approach to composition, which involves eschewing all traditional notions of narrative and casting off the constraints of the fiction vs. non-fiction dichotomy. His works, including most recently War Is Beautiful — a striking, multifaceted send-up of how The New York Times legitimizes endless war by depicting it in aesthetically pleasing images on its front page — call us to embrace a new literature as dynamic as the times in which we live. Shields, an impressively prolific writer and proponent of a technique he calls literary collage, has authored 20 books, garnering especially high praise for Reality Hunger (2010), The Thing About Life Is That One Day You’ll Be Dead (2008) and Black Planet (1999). He is a consummate innovator who has, in a rather singular feat, managed to endear himself to the guardians of the canon every bit as much as he’s endeared himself to those who just want to watch the literary world burn. For Shields, great literature is a call to evolve in a multitude of ways, and new concepts and treatments will always demand new forms. In a rare opportunity presented by Gemini Ink, you can catch Shields reading from his impressive oeuvre this Friday at Trinity University.

Price: Free