Antique Store/Discount Store


1. Karolina’s Antiques
1709 Blanco Rd.
(210) 731-9787

Located in very close proximity to a few other discount/antique/thrift stores in the Beacon Hill neighborhood, Karolina’s Antiques manages to stand out like a bright beacon (pun intended) of nostalgic and strange goodness. Looking for an old-school NIOSA poster signed by the artist? Or a vintage Remington typewriter? How about an antique China cabinet or a gently used Teletubby? Maybe the sweet selection of rocking chairs will entice you, or a piece of local art or handmade/vintage jewelry. Maybe it’ll be the buffet of random records, spanning time and genre. All this and so much more is meticulously arranged about the sprawling place, into surrealistic scenes of color and odd history that are enough to beckon even the most stoic soul into an approximation of whimsy. It’s a treasure hunter’s dreamland and it’s really quite an experience just strolling through Karolina’s. You can even pick up a gumball on your way out.


2. Yeya’s Antiques & Oddities
1423 E. Commerce St.
(210) 827-5555

3. Retro Haus
1727 Blanco Rd.
(210) 222-0800


2. Texas Thrift Store
7500 I-35 N., Suite 107
(210) 654-7222

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