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Are flying saucers invading San Antonio's skies?




For centuries, humans have glanced up at the sky and posed the cosmic question, “Are we alone?” Accounts of unidentified flying objects date back to biblical times — the airships of extraterrestrial demigods if you believe such stuff. But, modern attitudes about unearthly visitors took a dramatic turn on June 24th, 1947, when a pilot named Kenneth Arnold went public about mysterious craft he had sighted over Mount Rainier, Washington. The term flying saucer was born that day and things would never be quite the same. Since then, literally tens of thousands of sightings have been documented around the world, and we must count the Alamo City among the places where some citizens are reporting UFOs. If you search the Internet, for example, you will discover many amateur videos purporting to show mysterious objects hovering high in the air above Bexar County. Unfortunately, most of these images are difficult to identify. They typically resemble circular, white orbs or, in many cases, strange colored lights in the night sky. One dramatic exception is a report that was published in a local newspaper during February of 1978. A 48 year-old sheet rocker was driving his pickup truck down Mogford Road one evening at around 9pm, when he claimed that he saw a car-sized amber disc rise up in the air from hundreds of yards away. The object darted towards the eyewitness at unbelievable speed and changed to a cherry red color, according to the man. As it hovered right over his vehicle, his motor died and he could see that the thing was a saucer-type craft. The witness could even make out two bizarre occupants through a large window in its side — small humanoids with tight, gray, shark-like skin. He noted that the beings were bald with long ears and noses, but merely slits for eyes. The man's encounter only lasted about twenty seconds, during which time he heard a whooshing sound and experienced a smell like burning copper. Do you have your own stories of UFOs in the skies over San Antonio? – Ken Gerhard

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