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PICK OF THE WEEK: Film Noir Classics, Vol. 4 (Warner Bros.): Another 10-film megadose of bullets and broads arrives just in time for the summer doldrums — this time comprising work by such directors as Anthony Mann, Don Siegel, and Nicholas Ray, with leading men Robert Mitchum, Sterling Hayden, and Farley Granger.

Hot Fuzz (Universal): Check it and see! Ugh — forgive the skewed Foreigner reference, but by all means catch this awfully funny send-up of cop flix by the pop-culture-besotted makers of Shaun of the Dead. Then, marvel that director Edgar Wright’s next project is allegedly the big screen debut of the super-obscure superhero Ant-Man.

Blue Water, White Death (MGM): Before Jaws, this edge-of-your-seat doc dared to place human divers in the path of great white sharks. It scared the bejeezus out of me at one of Quentin Tarantino’s Alamo Drafthouse marathons; now you can see it from the safety of your sofa.

The Rhinemann Exchange (Universal): Bone up for Bourne with this, the first filmed adaptation of a Robert Ludlum espionage yarn.

BY THE NUMBERS: Starter for Ten (HBO) is John Hughes filtered through a dry British sensibility; 300 (Warner Bros.) is awfully silly but will look great on Blu-ray; and 20 Million Miles to Earth (Sony) pairs one objectionable “bonus feature,” colorization (you can still watch in B&W), with great extras such as commentary from Harryhausen and a Q&A with Tim Burton.