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Face it: Nobody wants to stock the New Release shelf on New Year’s Day. We’ll pair some of this week’s lackluster new releases with more exciting related ones coming next Tuesday ...

An Affair to

(2Oth Century Fox)

Supposedly, LionsGate re-released its old Cary Grant Collection yesterday, but real Grantoholics will be watching for a 50th-anniversary edition of An Affair to Remember — along with Affair-worshipper Nora Ephron’s breakthrough comedy When Harry Met Sally — next Tuesday.

The Rock
(Buena Vista)

Sure, we loved the trigger-happy sales pitch of this year’s Shoot ’Em Up (New Line). But if it didn’t quite deliver what it advertised, there’s always Buena Vista’s Blu-ray editions of the Master Bay’s Nicolas Cage shoot-em-ups: Con Air and (the vastly superior) The Rock, which explode onto retail shelves next week.

Resident Evil


I can’t claim to have any desire to see this testament to the marketing power of video games. For those who do, the films’ onslaught of digitally manipulated pixels is showcased in a new Blu-ray set.

The Up Series
(First Run Features)

Lastly, cinephiles who haven’t yet seen Michael Apted’s revelatory Up Series are in luck: First Run Features has updated its excellent box to include the seventh film in the ongoing documentary saga.