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news and notes from the san antonio art scene

As we enter the dreaded dog days of summer, many sweaty San Antonians hunker down in the relative comfort of their air-conditioned homes and pray for Contemporary Art Month to will

Op-art paintings by Julian Stanczak are on display at the McNay through August 24.
them back onto the sweltering city streets. Or, they finally find the time to get some much needed paperwork done. Case in point: The City of San Antonio is holding a series of hour-long workshops in conjunction with its Art in the Community Program. Applications for community-based project funding are currently available at the Office of Cultural Affairs or on the office Web site, Artists and neighborhood activists with 501 (c)(3) non-profit status or a fiscal sponsor are encouraged to attend. Workshops will outline project specifications and provide interested parties with an opportunity to link up with potential project partners. Attendees can also request to have rough drafts of their applications reviewed by Cultural Affairs office administrators. All applications and supporting materials are due by August 1. Call Kristen Woods, Neighborhood Arts Program Manager at the Office of Cultural Affairs for applications, details, and workshop times and dates. She can be reached at 207-8488.

Others might choose to take a much-needed vacation from excessive paperwork. Notably, after almost a decade in the drivers seat, Gemini Ink founder Nan Cuba has resigned as Executive Director of the local writing collective to pursue personal creative projects. She will be replaced by Rosemary Catacalos, who assumes the position June 2. Gemini employees, program participants, and supporters held a surprise going away shindig for Cuba on Thursday, May 22 at Gemini's facility on South Presa with Jerald Winakur, Coleen Grissom, Robert Flynn, Bob Ayres, Naomi Shihab Nye, and Catacalos delivering speeches in her honor, affirming that Cuba's remarkable contribution to the literary arts in San Antonio will not be forgotten. •