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I’m by no means a dancing queen, but today when I strolled into work I noticed I had a slight skip to my stride. Maybe it was from watching the latest version of Hairspray last night? (Which is nothing in comparison to the John Waters original.) But anyway ... I think I’ve caught the dancing bug and need to find a way to let loose.

Luckily, at Jump-Start Theater there’s Works-in-Progress/Wednesdays-in-Performance, a collaboration between Jump-Start Performance Co. and San Antonio Dance Umbrella. This month’s line-up includes contemporary ballet by Gabriel Zertuche, belly-dance fusion by Alana Ouazanni, and modern dance by Paula Cruz.

The unique thing about this program is that it offers a valuable dialogue between the dancer, choreographer, and audience members. And as a performance lab, participants can bust out their moves in front of people that will give them serious feedback. To participate your work must be original and movement-based.

Just remember that
W-I-P takes place every last Wednesday (that’s January 30) of the month at 7 p.m. at Jump-Start and tickets are $3-$5. Call ahead to get a slot for your performance. And, of course, dance your little heart out.