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Remember this column a couple of weeks ago, wherein we told you about Gary Sweeney’s installation of satiric tourist signage at the San Antonio airport? These meta-billboards are sharp, colorful, and generally awesome, á la Sweeney, and include snappy slogans such as “Hemisfair ’68: You’re Way Too Late” and “Fiesta, Siesta, Repeat.” You can find Justin Parr’s very good post about them (with photos yet!) at Well, on Tuesday, December 16, the Current plans to (socially) strafe the airport for a “lighting ceremony,” which will illuminate Sweeney’s pieces, as well as some nifty photographic lightboxes by prodigious image-maker Chuck Ramirez, and something or other by Bill FitzGibbons, of “Light Channels” (the shifting colored lightshows under the Commerce and Houston street I-37 underpasses) fame and the tail and wing sculptures at that very same airport. The lighting ceremony and reception are free, and take place from 5:30-6:30 p.m. Park in the short-term parking garage, then hoof it toward FitzGibbons’ “Wings” and the long-term parking garage. Maybe after the ceremony we can all hit Cinnabon or Dunkin’ Donuts en masse, or some damn thing. Make it a secular holiday tradition.