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I’m abashed to admit that until I read the City-sent PDF I’m about to heavily quote from, I’d never even heard of a “creative incubator.” Turns out it’s an actual, real-world space with publicly funded resources to help grow homespun culture-related businesses, providing infrastructure, tech help, office space, equipment, and even managerial and legal advice. McAllen has one, for cryin’ out loud.

And now efforts are underway to gestate one of these creative incubator spaces on our own West Side — a (and I quote) “joint venture between the City of San Antonio’s Office of Cultural Affairs and the Westside Development Corporation ... `who` invite arts and cultural organizations, artists, and creative sector businesses (i.e. design, visual arts, multi-media, film, etc.) to participate in this unique initiative by expressing interest in relocating or opening a satellite office in the potential facility.”

Maybe you are a person itching to start a design business, non-profit, or production company. If so, complete the online survey here: Responses are due no later than December 22, 2008. Get on it, arts-entrepreneurs!