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¡Obamanos y Bailamos!Everybody’s favorite samba- reggae-cumbia-corps, URBAN-15, is headed to D.C. to present “Carnaval de San Anto,” its signature brand of celebration dances, at the 56th Inaugural Parade January 20. Forty-nine drummers and dancers will perform in “liberty costume” — comprising, in part, a 6-foot star made of silver material and embedded with lights, affixed cleverly to the performers via backpack. URBAN-15 performed at both Clinton and Dubya bashes, and it isn’t URBAN-15’s first Obama outing; they rocked it out for the then-candidate’s June ’07 appearance at Sunset Station.

URBAN-15 appearances have made for good mojo in San Antonio in the past, too. Media Director George Cisneros informs me that back in March of ’91, the Experimental Performance Ensemble delivered a “sambagram” for a “group of visiting Japanese businessmen at the granary of Mission San Jose,” which ultimately led to Toyota’s local plant. Hmmm. URBAN 15 = dance magic? In order for the git-down to get down, though, they need donations. Forty-nine drummer/dancers with 6-foot star costumes don’t come cheap, y’all! Visit for more details, and to donate. Watch Texas Public Radio’s site,, for liveblogging from KSTX’s Dave Davies. No headdress necessary.