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The unsinkable Katie Brownspecializes in assemblages of found objects. In addition to artmaking, teaching, and raising twins (now 7), Brown's a founding member of the San Antonio Craft Mafia, a collective that includes Stef Cmielewski, Patti Hinkley, and Laurel Gibson.

Her work first came to my attention at Galería Tonantzín at the Guadalupe last year. I wrote: "Katherine Brown's explosion of mixed-media works are beautifully made of text and cut-out illustrations, of eyes and hearts and pistoleras and calaveras, jewelry-box wonders made for (or by?) a borderland princess. Astonishingly, many are less than $100; the prices of her pieces remind me that you don't have to be rich to participate in San Anto art."

Nor do you have to be rich to participate in "No Intention of Giving Up," a fundraiser this Sunday at which Brown's jewelry and art will be for sale; the proceeds will defray staggering medical costs she's incurred in treating her glioblastoma multiforme (stage 4 brain cancer). Brown, like countless other artmakers, has no health-insurance coverage; but she does have the support of San Antonio's art community. Let's show up and act like one. 4-8 p.m. July 26, El Tropicano Hotel Tiki Lounge, 110 Lexington.