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This week as y’all know by now is your last chance to experience the Original Extravagantly Hot CAM, or forever lose your “back in the day” bragging rights `see the calendar, page 28`. Not to dance on Old CAM’s grave, but here’s a preliminary big-picture wish list for New CAM, which debuts next March, during the same month as citywide art party Luminaria.

The new Contemporary Art Month board members suggested in their June 24 Current interview that Luminaria offered the opportunity for a stronger performing-arts component. Yes, please!

We’d also like to see a moratorium on local artists appearing in more than two official CAM shows, and even then only if one of those two shows is a solo experimental gig. Instead of, e.g., 50 shows by 15 artists, we’d like beaucoup studio tours in the tradition of Katie Pell’s Southtown roundup.

In the too-short tradition of former CAM co-organizer (and Art Lies Editor) Anjali Gupta, we’d love to see work by out-of-town artists that’s paired or conceived in some clever way with our copious local talent.

And, with a nod to UTSA prof and CAM board member Leslie Raymond, please bring back a closing CAM ceremony, with prizes.

OK, candles lit, fingers crossed. See you next year.